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a note acknowledging the source of a published photograph

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Please see image attached Photo credit : Angeli Agency
Thanks to some detectives in the field, we can provide the photo credit for our November/December 1994 cover photo.
Health professionals who want their photo to be displayed in the gallery should e-mail a photo with a description, date, location and photo credit information to onthemove@apha.
The text concludes with appendix A, "Chronology" (333-42), appendix B, "Playwrights' Canon" (343-52), publications by black Texas playwrights (353), and author photo credits (354).
9 eNewsletter: "Because of an editing error, two captions and photo credits in the Paul Y.
There is a glossary, resources, photo credits, and more than 1,000 color photos, and charts and finding guides.
I think the emphasis on photojournalism tells the Air Force story in a way that I find visually appealing, and it's nice to see familiar names in some of the photo credits.
received a couple of photo credits from the Wall Street Journal in recent days for a picture he took of his brother, Charles Portis, the Little Rock resident whose novels include "True Grit.
The photo credits and references to Ethiopia, Iglu, Cigar, and Ramona should have reflected both our contributions.
Seventeen interviews make up Part Three, which is followed by an interesting amalgamation of useful data, including film credits, acknowledgments, an "Afterword" (Walker's uniquely original tribute to a "fallen warrior"), information on types of female genital mutilation, a list of contact organizations and advocacy groups, bibliography, permissions, and photo credits.
Photo credits will be given and photos will be returned.
The book concludes with a bibliography, research resources, photo credits and an index.