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a unit of illumination equal to 1 lumen per square centimeter

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From Phot Oregon's point of view, the graphics firm has significantly more equipment and offers growth potential, he said.
The JV3-1603 is an affordable, low maintenance, 63-inch solvent ink jet large format printer that prints directly on inexpensive untreated media, at speeds up to 222 square feet per hour at 360 x 360 dpi and phot quality print modes up to 720 x 720 dpi with precise variable dot technology, according to the company.
Holmes is also a brilliant phot ographer and a bunch of his photos are for sale along with prints, drawings and several videos.
While most of the cast of "Little Women: LA" went to Alaska for a vacation, JolAaAaAeA@ was missing from the phot
On the beach wedding chapel- he dropped the ring in pitch black Dominican night sky, so with friends we had to take phot so the flash would like up the path.
Officials had also organised a phot exhibition depicting the large scale devastation caused by the cyclone.
Koray EcalyE-kan from Radikal focuses on the diversity of people's profiles in the hall in which Tuesday's congress took place and says that a phot
WORTH STAYING UP FOR: Swimming golden girl Becki Adlington, fresh from her phot o-finish triumph in the 400 metres freestyle, begins her assault on the 800m title in the heats tonight along with Mark Foster (left) in the men's 50m freestyle from 3am.
PHOT on the heels of the success of the music in the Guinness ad, Underworld roll another `phat' one in the shape of King of Snake.