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a multivalent nonmetallic element of the nitrogen family that occurs commonly in inorganic phosphate rocks and as organic phosphates in all living cells

a planet (usually Venus) seen just before sunrise in the eastern sky

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The present study results indicate tha t super juice is effective as DCP, comparatively economical phosphorus supplement and acts as antioxidant in PHU affecte d buffaloes.
Growers who raise animals should be able to save money by cutting the cost of phosphorus supplements fed to the animals, Bregitzer adds.
If such intervention is not possible then treatment with vitamin D and phosphorus supplements normalises not only the biochemical abnormalities but also leads to healing of osteomalacia.
Effects of enzyme and inorganic phosphorus supplements in wheat and rye-based diets on laying hen performance, energy, and phosphorus availability.
This difference may be because of different phosphorus sources in Rama-rao and Subba-Reddy, [9] that they had use bone meal and uncommon commercial phosphorus supplements along with DCPs in ration.