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containing or characteristic of phosphorus


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White phosphorous burns at a temperature near 2,760 degrees Celsius and was used extensively on both military and civilian targets in WWII.
phosphorous atoms are trapped inside crystals of silicon, which are elements
The presence of phosphorous in rivers and lakes is responsible for eutrophication, resulting in the uncontrolled proliferation of algae and excessive consumption of dissolved oxygen in the body of the water.
SPAD at 60 days after sowing had negative indirect influence on grain yield at phenotypic level and genotypic level through SPAD at 90 days after sowing, seed phosphorous content, shelling percentage and 100 seed weight.
Root vegetables such as swede, carrots and turnips need a high phosphorous fertiliser.
In the previous fiscal, the subsidy on nitrogen (N) is Rs 20.88 per kg, phosphorous (P) Rs 18.68 per kg, potash (K) Rs 15.50 per kg and sulphur (S) Rs 1.68 per kg.
The extremely low fat vegetable, apple gourd or bottle gourd, is rich in food ingredients including water, protein, fats, fibre, calcium, iron, phosphorous, vitamin A, C, B-1, B-2 and B-3.
Phytase is an enzyme which breakdown the complex organic (unavailable) forms of phosphorous such as phytic acid into simpler inorganic (available) forms.
The unique chemistry displays higher efficiency compared to commonly used nitrogen and/or phosphorous based chemicals.
Before they had good machinery to grind up bones into bonemeal, they would have been burned and the ashes would have been rich in phosphorous and in lime.
According to fresh rumours coming from GeekBar, the Apple iPhone 6's A8 processor will be accompanied by a new co-processor named as "Phosphorous".
The exact pathogenesis is not yet known however associated risk factors include ingestion of cruciferous plants, saponin from berseem, dietary phosphorous deficiency, decreased serum copper and selenium whereas increased molybdenum (Pirzada et al., 1989; Radostits et al., 2007; Neto et al., 2007; Brechbuhl et al., 2008).
Sulfur oxidizing bacteria (SOB) oxidize elemental sulfur (S) and reduced S compounds to generate sulfuric acid which has the ability to solubilize and convert the insoluble phosphorous (P) compounds to simple plant available P compounds.