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containing or characteristic of phosphorus


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The funds being announced today will help us make real progress on improving that crucial infrastructure, and will help reduce the amount of phosphorous flowing in the lake.
phosphorous atoms are trapped inside crystals of silicon, which are elements
One of the phosphorous bombs hit a house where a family who had gathered there fearing from airstrikes.
The presence of phosphorous in rivers and lakes is responsible for eutrophication, resulting in the uncontrolled proliferation of algae and excessive consumption of dissolved oxygen in the body of the water.
Experts said that proportion of Nitrogen and Phosphorous fertilizers should be 1:1.
Phytate is one of the major storage forms of phosphorous in plants.
Decreased serum inorganic phosphorous in haemoglobinuric buffalo may be associated with prolonged feeding on cruciferous and or/toxic plants particularly berseem, heavy drainage of phosphorous through milk in high producing animals maintained on low phosphorous diets/ rations, low phosphorous rations with high calcium content and hypermolybdenosis.
Keywords: Sulfur oxidizing bacteria; Thiobacillus; Sulfur; Sulfur oxidation; Phosphorous solubilization
Also, Patra et al [13] reported that the number of capsules in the shrub, the seed function and the oil is increased significantly by using from 40 to 100 kg/hec of the net phosphorous ([p.
Marine phosphorous markers that have been washing up on the Oregon Coast can be very dangerous, the Oregon State Police warned Monday.
This study was performed to determine whether viewing an educational video about phosphorous and its control by patients on dialysis was associated with improved laboratory values, as well as changes in knowledge and attitudes about the topics presented.
PNN The undersigned human rights organizations strongly condemn the Israeli Supreme Court's reply to a petition filed by human rights organizations to prevent the Israeli military from using white phosphorous in built-up areas,Palestinian Centre for Human Rights said in a press release.
On January 15, 2009 the military fired white phosphorous shells in the vicinity of a compound of the UN's agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) in Gaza City to obscure Israeli troop positions from Hamas fighters in the area, local media said.
and combinations thereof and an electrodepositable binder, the binder is comprised of resin(s) comprised of a phosphorous-containing group in which X is a hydrogen, a monovalent hydrocarbon or an oxygen atom having a single covalent bond to the phosphorous atom, and each oxygen atom has a covalent bond to a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, an aryl group, an alkylaryl group, an arylalkyl group, or the resin or one of the resins, with the caveat that at least one oxygen atom has a covalent bond to the resin or one of the resins; a carboxylate group separated by from 2-4 carbons from an ester group; and a tridentate amine ligand.
This edition reflects changes in the field, such as the increased evidence on the importance of inflammatory, oxidative, and carbonyl stress, and the greater prevalence and severity of obesity and its clinical consequences; therapeutic strategies for obesity treatment in regard to chronic kidney disease prevention and treatment; the nutritional management of people receiving chronic renal replacement therapy; and methods for slowing the progression of chronic renal disease, including the prevention of acidemia, phosphorous control, the reduction of potentially toxic metabolites of tryptophan, the regulation of serum lipids, and the therapeutic role of low protein diets.