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a fluorescence that persists after the bombarding radiation has ceased

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He instanced a snake, the cast skin of which, deep purple in color, was fifty-one feet in length, and mentioned a white creature, supposed to be mammalian, which gave forth well-marked phosphorescence in the darkness; also a large black moth, the bite of which was supposed by the Indians to be highly poisonous.
The phosphorescence flashed in the swirl of the water all about his limbs, his other hand seized the ladder.
"I have a sort of hobby about what they call 'phenomena of phosphorescence.' But it would be rather awkward to go about in society crying stinking fish."
Although most previous studies have been focused on QDs as a fluorescence sensor, their long lifetime allows the use of the phosphorescence mode, which has more advantages than fluorescence; for example, the spectral interferences from biologic matrices can be easily prevented in the phosphorescence mode.
Their lux-ampere characteristics (dependencies of the conduction current [I.sub.X]-[i.sub.XRC]; the luminescence intensity of the different luminescence bands [I.sub.X]-[J.sub.630] and [I.sub.X]-[J.sub.970] on the intensity of X-ray excitation [I.sub.X]); the dose dependencies of phosphorescence (P) and current relaxation (CR) at the excitation temperatures of 8, 85, 295, and 420 K were investigated.
Winscom, "Coordination complexes exhibiting room-temperature phosphorescence: evaluation of their suitability as triplet emitters for light-emitting diodes," Coordination Chemistry Reviews, vol.
[Eu.sup.3+] has two specific phosphorescence emission peaks at 594 nm and 616 nm when being excited at 395 nm [19, 20].
Yan, "Ultralong Persistent Room Temperature Phosphorescence of Metal Coordination Polymers Exhibiting Reversible pH-Responsive Emission," ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, vol.
On dark nights alone at sea, Clark was often saved from a descent into depression by the beauty and sacredness of the life around her -- in the poor fishermen who shared their catches with her, or a group of dolphins trailing phosphorescence in their wake.
Fluorescence lifetimes ([[tau].sub.F]), Steady-State Fluorescence Anisotropy and Phosphorescence decay curves at 1270 nm were recorded on a PicoQuant FluoTime 300 Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer.
Curve road-tested 5 products: Activated Charcoal and Petitgrain Facial Soap Bar, Phosphorescence Facial Mask, Balancing Facial Toning Mist, and Luxurious Body Oil.
6 CORNWALL'S CREEKS From PS380 The Fal river on Cornwall's southern shore is a place of retired admirals with spyglasses, smugglers, carpets of phosphorescence under a waxing moon, and secret picnic spots.
lore) dietician = nutrition logician-tactician-technician-physician dismutation = oxygenation/hydrogenation disproportionation leptonic = electronic, muonic, tauonic (the three classes of lepton) luminescence = fluorescence, phosphorescence (the two main types of luminescence) patination = carbonation, oxidation (carbonation on copper/bronze, oxidation on other metals) stutter = shutter-utter (coinage, automatic camera metaphor) xenation = nonrelation visitation (from Jeff Grant; xenation (OED, rare) = sojourning as a stranger)
The main worry is he will probably need a strong pace back at this trip, which is not guaranteed with only two of his rivals - Phosphorescence and Right Rebel - liking to get on with things.