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to exhibit phosphorescence

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This nontoxic, photoluminiscent pigment is a mixed-metal oxide that is said to phosphoresce up to 10 times longer than standard zinc sulfide pigments.
After they absorb high-energy light, though, type IIb diamonds phosphoresce, or glow in the dark, for a little while.
There are some theories: For instance, although the giant squid is believed to live well below the area of the ocean where light penetrates, they may use their large eyes to spot animals that phosphoresce or chemically produce their own light.
Zany rhymes accompany zany antics ("A skink inserts her snoutlet/in an open kitchen outlet/her body starts to phosphoresce with light.
Within two to three days this 65km/h beast will be on your doorstep and the garden will glow with a phosphoresce light normally only seen by post-cereal eight-year-olds.
Many minerals that fluoresce will at times also phosphoresce.