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carbonated drink with fruit syrup and a little phosphoric acid

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The company is an integrated producer of phosphate fertilisers and related products with a portfolio of long-term strategic assets.
This transaction is transformative for Itafos and vastly accelerates our strategic objective of becoming a leading global player in the phosphate fertilizer industry, said Brian Zatarain, Chief Executive Officer of Itafos.
On the basis of product type, the global phosphate esters market is segmented as follows:
Protesters among university graduates from the delegation of Metlaoui have staged since Saturday a sit-in in several phosphate production sites and at the railway station in the city center causing a suspension of phosphate transportation through locomotives to chemical fertilisers' production units in Gabes, Medhilla, Skhira and Sfax.
Le directeur general adjoint de la compagnie de Phosphate Gafsa, a affirme que l'arret de transport du phosphate aux usines du GCT a un impact negatif sur les activites des secteurs du phosphate et des engrais, soulignant que la compagnie de phosphate de Gafsa est approvisionnee essentiellement par les usines de Metlaoui.
Ma'aden's 5m t/y phosphate rock mine began operations late in 2010, representing a major new market entrant.
The global feed phosphate market is projected to reach a value of about USD 5.
Shallow groundwater phosphate concentrations adjacent to OWS can exceed 2 mg/L in some coastal areas (Humphrey & O'Driscoll, 2011; Ptacek, 1998; Robertson, Cherry, & Sudicky, 1991).
The Donaldsonville ammonia agreement is not conditional on the phosphate sale transaction and will go into effect beginning no later than 2017.
Phosphate minerals on Earth, like fluorapatite and whitlockite, take their time to dissolve, they are also not readily incorporated into a water-based solution, which is why their concentration are relatively low.
Given the failure of the current governance system to adequately regulate sustainable phosphate supplies, this Note argues that the future of phosphate depends on a system of internal governance known as Transnational New Governance.
Under the Offer, Central Australian Phosphate shareholders will be offered:
However, this is usually not sufficient and pharmacological intervention with phosphate binders is required (Tonelli, Pannu, & Manns, 2010).
The management of serum phosphate remains a relevant clinical problem in patients receiving haemodialysis (HD).