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Synonyms for phony

not genuine or sincere

a fraudulent imitation

a person who practices hypocrisy

Synonyms for phony

a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives


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Records said prosecutors discovered five fake accounts for phony clients that were opened by N.
Potential licensees in the fishing accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Phony Fisherman on a worldwide basis.
I am sorry to tell you that your decision to invest in such a phony project was not wise and the management of this project were actually acting like a pack of wild dogs preying on you and similar people in your category.
While the strips which indicate the value of the money are only in newly printed money, you still can use the Phony Money Detector for old bills.
The phony Web page's anonymous developers must be identified in order for the archdiocese to determine if additional legal action is required to protect and restore Puntarelli's reputation, Otolski said.
The men allegedly used a fictitious identity to create at least three phony credit cards in the past several months and went on a shopping spree, Balian said.
August 7 -- A husband and wife were sentenced to state prison for three years and three and a half years respectively after they pleaded guilty to charges of producing and selling phony car insurance cards.
In addition to advisories and legal efforts against makers of phony supplements, the FTC has a new consumer education campaign to help people avoid phony diabetes cures.
Disabled veterans may be the targets of those phony calls because they are frequent users of the VA health care system.
And that raises a final difference between phony patriots and real patriots: Real patriots understand that the one thing that can never be excused is an activity that these days is the favorite pastime of phony patriots: placing our fundamental freedoms at risk to score cheap political points.
To avoid publishing phony research, scientific journals require experts to review all research papers before they are published, says Monica Bradford, executive editor of Science.
The dialogue is often laced with humor that characters deliver without sounding like phony television creatures, and the show promises to be fun to watch .
British Strategy and Politics During the Phony War: Before the Balloon Went Up.
What we are up against is not just phony arguments but a vast strategy of deception.
Your editor has thought for some time that we, individually and organizationally, are not treating the phony letters situation with all the seriousness that a threat of this gravity warrants.