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the study of the sound system of a given language and the analysis and classification of its phonemes

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Some phonologists such as Clements and Keyser (1983) propose that the boundary of VCV is to be marked as V.
17) "Mental ears" do not relegate us to the dominion of performative sonority, nor do they elevate us into the paramount abstraction of inferred ideas and beliefs: they are an intense hybrid and I treat them as the essential equipment for reading poetry in today's post-traditional world space, and also as required attentional receptors for the professional phonologist, as indeed they were for the philologists of previous eras.
The fragments of Karl Luick's Historische Grammatik der englischen Sprache published during his lifetime which contained an account of the development of English vowels and diphthongs have long served as a theoretical source successfully exploited by a host of historical phonologists.
For those phonologists unhappy about stating prosodic constraints over morphologically-defined units as opposed to those defined in pure phonological terms, it would of course be possible to translate this constraint by making all roots a possible domain over which feet can be constructed (whereas affixes do not inherently constitute feet), and then stating the bimoraic minimum as a constraint on feet.
For some reason, the prosody of Meadow Mari has attracted the attention of several phonologists, who have offered differing theoretical interpretations of its structure.
In addition, 'cognitive' phonologists also endorse the view that phonological categories/constructs are shaped not only by cognitive factors but also by factors of a phonetic (articulatory, acoustic, perceptual), linguistic (historical, distributional, structural, frequential, etc.
Such assumptions would alone permit the modern phonologists to construct with certainty from the evidence of written forms their long, straight highway of sound-change running directly from Rome to Paris.
This superb volume belongs in the personal library of scholars of Italian and Romance phonology as well as phonologists in general because it shows how to apply Optimality Theory to the enigmatic and challenging phonological issue of RS in a systematic way.
Child phonologists have proposed that the need to compare and contrast words that differ by a single phoneme during language acquisition (phonological 'neighbours': 'cop', 'cat', 'dot' are all equal neighbours of 'cot') is one of the major sources of pressure for the representation of segmental phonology (which is what pure phonological awareness tasks measure).
The system possessed a separate series of "turbid" or zhuo [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] initial syllables, corresponding to the zhuo (sometimes called "voiced") initial class of the traditional Chinese phonologists, e.
Veronica Smart engages in bridge-building between numismatists and phonologists, pointing out some complications in using legends on coins as evidence in dialect research.
Phonologists and phoneticians have grappled with reading scripts and designing orthographies for unwritten languages as technical challenges, but until now few have considered the social implications of nuts-and-bolts scripts and orthography themselves.
Phonologists speak of a Sonority Sequencing Generalization, which establishes a hierarchy of phonemes in any language in terms of their relative "carrying power," with low vowels ([a], [a]) being at the top, or most sonorous, and voiceless plosives at the bottom.
Kaingang is also illustrative for the disagreement that exists among phonologists regarding the phonological interpretation of the allophones of the /{M,B}/ class.