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Knowledge of the rhymes was essential for writing and appreciating regularized verse; accordingly, phonologists spent much time on them.
It's the usual practice of phonologists to analyze the abstract sound-structures of a specific language or dialect, often in wider context of comparative purview; the smallest units of scrutiny are probably sub-group communities like creolized or immigrant populations, the sound world of young children learning a native speech, or the non-sound world of sign language used by deaf people.
There seems to be a general consensus among phonologists that vowel harmony is an assimilatory process whereby a certain articulatory feature spreads iteratively leftward, rightward, or bidirectionally from one of the vocalic segments in a particular domain -- usually the word -- though certain phonological systems may contain vowels that do not participate in the harmony.
Hymen and Plank sent out a call for linguists who define themselves and are perceived first and foremost as phonologists to write on typology from a phonological perspective--thus crossing two areas of linguistics that rarely interact.
Phoneticians and phonologists have long worked hard to understand the correct phonetic definitions of phonological features.
(3) Indeed, over the past decades, theory of verse has largely become a province of phonologists, while linguistics at large has moved closer to cognitive science and away from the study of literary forms and their evolution.
Phonologists define aspiration as a delay in onset time, or alternatively as sound production with open vocal folds.
8), including phonologists and linguists, and the impact of these discourses on patriotic schemes for public education; section three shows "how the pressure to conform to one model of English meter and English national identification produced fractures in the poetic-national identity of soldier poets in particular and, more broadly, reactionary misunderstandings about English metrical cultures for poets associated with the modernist avant-garde" (p.
There are phonologists who do not admit their existence at all or treat these as anomalous.
Phonologists have different views on the syllabification of a language in terms of marking the syllable boundary.
European and American linguists, particularly phonologists, explore how the three pillars--context, function, and communication--can support future research in prosody, which considers the role of pitch, accent, and other characteristics of the voice in speech.
This chapter ends with a reference to the work of the document analyst and makes an insightful distinction between graphologists (grafologos, in Spanish), not equivalent to phonologists as the term seems to imply, and handwriting analysts (caligrafos, in Spanish), which is useful in the Spanish context to understand which of these areas falls within the scope of Forensic Linguistics and which is less scientifically grounded.
The fragments of Karl Luick's Historische Grammatik der englischen Sprache published during his lifetime which contained an account of the development of English vowels and diphthongs have long served as a theoretical source successfully exploited by a host of historical phonologists. Much less known is the final part of the grammar dealing with consonants, edited and published a few years aider Luick's death by Friedrich Wild and Herbert Koziol (1940).
(13.) For those phonologists unhappy about stating prosodic constraints over morphologically-defined units as opposed to those defined in pure phonological terms, it would of course be possible to translate this constraint by making all roots a possible domain over which feet can be constructed (whereas affixes do not inherently constitute feet), and then stating the bimoraic minimum as a constraint on feet.