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the system of phones used in a particular language

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Our findings confirm that dyslexia indeed compromises the language system, but the locus of the deficit is in the phonetic, not the phonological system, as had been previously assumed," says Berent.
These changes involve gradual segmentation of phonological representations into smaller units and ultimately lead to the development of a conventional, language-specific phonological system.
14 However, since the cardinal vowels are essentially guide posts for identifying, for example, a variety of sounds that fall within the framework for the symbol [i], this phenomenon makes perfect sense, supporting the notion that novel sounds in L2 are less likely to provide a context for transfer or interference from the L1 phonological system.
In his remarks about the phonological system of Ingrian, A.
The researchers say that theirs is the first study to provide evidence that perception of audiovisual non-native speech narrows during infancy, precisely during the time that infants are acquiring their native language phonological system.
1-10) and offer a detailed treatment of Syriac phonology and the manner in which Iranian (especially Middle Persian) phonemes are represented in this Semitic phonological system (pp.
The authors' hypothesis was that young children with severe expressive phonological disorders would be particularly at risk for reading and spelling difficulties on the grounds that it is difficult for grapheme-phoneme correspondences to occur without normal development in the phonological system.
A child's name seems to be a powerful, inevitable, and logical place for children to confront the relationship between the standard and conventional aspects of the orthographic system and aspects of the phonological system, including their inventions based on their personal phonics.
Findell, a research associate at University of Leicester, reconstructs a phonological system of proto-German dialects from the 1st millennia.
155) has provided us with the knowledge that borrowed words tend to be assimilated in the phonological system of the recipient language would seem to depend on one's definition of "modern".
Simmons first compares the two dialects, arriving at a common phonological system, which he then compares to Common Northern Wu.
The topics include a diachronic account of aspiration in the Burmese phonological system, highlights in the decipherment of the Nam language, verbs of existence in Tangut and Mu-nya, features of the Tangut consonant system as reflected in Sanskrit-Tangut transliterations, and the origin of the headless script (dbu med) in Tibet.
Close to one third of the book (175 pages) is devoted to a compilation of correspondence sets that define the Common Wann'an phonological system.
Researchers and practitioners, applied linguists, and teachers, most of them Polish but representing five nationalities, share their experience and insights into acquiring the phonological system of a second language.
It seems to me that one possible interpretation of all these facts is that the phonological system of the Chiehyunn is typologically unnatural.