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the system of phones used in a particular language

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They point out that one of the shortcomings of phonetic imitation is that while focusing on the physical production and acoustic transmission of a particular sound, a student will not be automatically engaged in developing an understanding of that sound within the phonological system of the new language, and therefore may not be successful in replicating the same sound in context.
In general, it has been observed that the phonological system is typically similarly constructed among monolingual children.
In this paper, we used the existing body of research on the phonetic and phonological systems of Spanish HL users as a foundation for suggesting and encouraging the increased integration of the sound system of heritage varieties into heritage Spanish curricula and pedagogical approaches to it.
English and Ndebele both use the Roman alphabet but they differ markedly in their phonological systems (Ndlovu, 2012:47).
She shows how the errors are related to the phonological system of both languages in Standard Generative Phonological and Optimality Theory.
Thus, children who stutter would have a less-developed or a less-organized phonological system than those with normal fluency (Melnick et al., 2003), stuttering being the result of a problem in the phonologic coding (Byrd, Conture, & Ohde, 2007).
For languages sharing a similar writing system, such as Spanish and English, the transfer of the phonological system is simplified (Garcia & Kleifgen, 2010).
Speech perception engages at least two linguistic systems: the phonetic system, which extracts discrete sound units from acoustic input, and the phonological system, which combines these units to form individual words.
The Turkish State started a Kurdish TV, mainly an entertainment channel for knick-knacks, but forbidding Kurdish names for parks and streets, because they contain non-Turkish letters; letters that represent the Kurdish phonological system! The Turkish Kurdophobia has reached ridiculous dimensions.
Though rapid naming problems in dyslexia may emerge from inefficiencies in the phonological system, there is now evidence that these processes are unlikely to be the sole explanation for why slow rapid naming is related to poor reading.
These changes involve gradual segmentation of phonological representations into smaller units and ultimately lead to the development of a conventional, language-specific phonological system. This implies that minimal or no receptive language skills will severely compromise or limit the development of phonology, and in turn, the development of speech.
English will certainly dominate the linguistic sphere of the next years, but it will change its grammatical and semantic structure as well as its phonetic and phonological system, turning into several varieties each time suggested by the environment in which it is used.
In a first language, knowledge of the phonological system, as well as the other systems, is mostly unconscious knowledge.