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the system of phones used in a particular language

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PCC-R generates a scale of different degrees of speech impairment according to the number of changes found, that is, the wider the changes, the greater the impairment of the phonological system, and the lower the speech intelligibility [16,17].
English and Ndebele both use the Roman alphabet but they differ markedly in their phonological systems (Ndlovu, 2012:47).
Similarly, earlier research has suggested that children who stutter exhibit a less organized phonological system than non-stutterers.
Our findings confirm that dyslexia indeed compromises the language system, but the locus of the deficit is in the phonetic, not the phonological system, as had been previously assumed," says Berent.
English will certainly dominate the linguistic sphere of the next years, but it will change its grammatical and semantic structure as well as its phonetic and phonological system, turning into several varieties each time suggested by the environment in which it is used.
Chapter One, "Normal Aspects of Articulation," reviews normal aspects of articulation and provides an introduction to the phonological system of American English.
The phonology of the mother tongue can be either that of the Indoamerican phonological system (e.
The teacher, therefore, must know how to highlight the relevant sounds, must understand `which sounds will be easy and which will be more difficult, and must be sensitive to any weaknesses within the child's underlying phonological system.
However, a comparative study [14] of favorable and neutral environments, classified based on data drawn from typically-developing children, found that target words providing a neutral context (/r/ in a stressed syllable, preceded by /o/ and followed by /[epsilon]/) produced larger changes in the phonological system of six children treated for phonological disorders than favorable target words (target sound preceded by the vowel /i/ and followed by /u/; target sound preceded by /a/ and followed by /e/).
Although most seven-year-olds master the target phonological system, some of them are seen to differ from their peers regarding awareness of phonological rules and phonetic repertoire, without organic causes that justify developmental differences.
Subjects covered include the relationship between phonology and phonetics, morphological cues to English word stress acquisition by Polish learners, vocalic double agents in the phonological system of South Welsh, and a variety of others.
of Texas at Austin) present an emergent model to account for the interaction of all components of, and individual variation in, the phonological system.
Like other loan words, acronymic derivations bring in sounds that are foreign to the Ndebele phonological system and help establish the sounds in the phonology.
The researchers say that theirs is the first study to provide evidence that perception of audiovisual non-native speech narrows during infancy, precisely during the time that infants are acquiring their native language phonological system.
I believe they will need specific help getting these sounds right, possibly more so than native English speakers of the same age, one reason being that they have never heard these sounds before, so they are not in their receptive language or perception of the new phonological system.