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Such switching occurs during the time of phonologic acquisition, usually between four and eight years old, approximately (9).
Van Orden, "Reading Homographs: Orthographic, Phonologic, and Semantic Dynamics," Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 25.2 (1999): 561-74; and Jennifer Rodd, Gareth Gaskell, and William Marslen-Wilson, "Making Sense of Semantic Ambiguity: Semantic Competition in Lexical Access," Journal of Memory and Language 46 (2002): 245-66.
As teachers gain deeper understanding about dyslexia and its link to a phonologic weakness within the language system of the brain, the promise of learning for all becomes a reality for students of all ages.
This theory postulates that dyslexies have a specific deficit in the representation, storage and retrieval of the speech sounds, and that the ability of attending to and manipulating linguistic sounds is crucial for the establishment and automation of the graphophonic relation underlying the skills of phonologic coding and decoding (Landerl & Willburger, 2010; Ramus et al, 2003).
School-aged children with phonologic disorders: Coexistence with other speech/language disorders.
This way, none of the non-canonical names (foreign names not adapted to Portuguese) were analyzed in accordance to the phonologic and orthographic rules of others language.
Sign writing can be used by linguists to write in sign languages, because it provides a means of representing the syntactical and so-called phonetic and phonologic aspects of signs, and neutral with respect to meanings.
In what follows I will suggest that our ability to handle conflicting cues too is based on our phonetic competence, an ability characterized by Philip Lieberman (60) as "the listeners perceive these signals by means of a feedback mechanism of the analysis-by-synthesis type, in which they use their knowledge of the phonologic features that produce intonational signals." We may assume that in the rhythmical performance of poetry this mechanism is turned to an aesthetic end: listeners decode the deviant articulatory and intonational signals in terms of the phonological and versification features whose interaction produced them.
divergens's diameter increase followed the patterns of regional climate and phonologic changes in the species.
The differences derive mainly from limited linguistic resources of the communicators, which cause various semantic, syntactical and phonologic problems (Ferguson 1994, Goodwin 1995, Laakso 1992, 2005, Sorjonen et al.
In contrast, PRD irrigation management consists of rotating the irrigated side of the plant during 10 to 14 days, between the phonologic fruit-set phase and harvest.
In addition, not only do Arabic linguistic representations suffer from orthographic, phonologic, and morphologic problems, but the language rules and phonetics of the Hebrew are applied to them.
Despite the fact that these two languages belong to the same (Semitic) family and share a subgroup of words (Ibrahim & Aharon-Peretz, 2005), they still differ remarkably on phonetic, phonologic, syntactic, morphosyntactic and semantic levels (Abu-Rabia, 2000; Saiegh-Haddad, 2003 ; 2004).