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(25) The FSS Annual Report for 1908-09 includes approving comments on collecting Scottish song with the phonograph, and it follows on directly from Barbara Cra'ster's article on collecting in Denmark, in which she notes that phonograph recordings had been cast in copper for permanent preservation.
His first phonograph recording cylinders were made of beeswax.
That old phonograph recording nurtured a lifetime affection for the performing arts that sustained the 1956 Holy Cross graduate through a successful career in both business and law.
Part Two, 'Being a complete transcript of the phonograph recordings of Isaac Wilde documented here alongside photographs of the contents of the wooden box', tells Isaac's story from January to June 1889 when he was official photographer on an archaeological dig conducted by Dr Gibson Gayle.
The JSA gratefully accepts phonograph recordings of Yiddish, Hebrew, and Sephardic music (both secular and religious) for inclusion in its collection.
Phonograph recordings redefined "blackness" in terms of sound instead of minstrelsy, helping to change the way people understood race.