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The circulation of pianola rolls and of phonograph records has also been proposed, with the same end in view, and has even been tried experimentally in one or two places.
While player piano rolls and phonograph records are tangible products, in contrast "radio broadcasts are inherently intangible and ephemeral resources." (24) This fundamental difference between physical and non-physical mediums proved to differentiate the way each influenced the commodification of music.
Each Voyager is carrying a gold-plated copper phonograph record with analog images and sounds from Earth, along with a cartridge, needle and playing instructions.
My story about galactic rotation reports on new measurements of how quickly the sun orbits the galactic center, like a dot on a phonograph record circling around and around as the record plays.
The disc jockey (DJ) movement came into its own after World War Two, when phonograph record production spiraled upward.
This volume surveys the major trends and events that shaped the US recording industry during the 1920s, a period of unprecedented change that included the emergence of new labels that successfully challenged major labels such as Victor and Columbia; the advent of commercially viable electrical recording that both expanded the geographic area for viable recording and allowed for the recording of classical works, conveying a newfound respectability on the phonograph record; the increasing importance of once-marginal "race" and "country" music markets; and an increasingly dynamic relationship between the recording industry and commercial broadcasting and sound films.
Robert Coe wrote: "The mystery and fascination of just hearing a voice or a phonograph record over the air was not enough to sustain audience interest ....
Each carried a 162/3-rpm copper phonograph record coated in gold.
One of the two original songs the band selected for their 45 RPM phonograph record was "Merry, Merry Lou." Bill Haley and the Comets and Sam Cooke liked the song so much they recorded their own versions.
Fessenden is rarely mentioned in the press without the epithet "Father of Radio Broadcasting," and the tale of the Yuletide broadcast is often recounted, complete with the full program of the show--short speech, a phonograph record of a Handel orchestral piece, some violin playing by Fessenden himself, a Christmas carol, and a Bible reading.
A final author nicely summed up such concerns among those in the legal community by saying, "As the conventional photograph goes the way of the horse-drawn carriage and the vinyl phonograph record, courts and legislatures will have to establish procedures to assure the accuracy and integrity of visual evidence admitted into legal proceedings.
Hemingway's Bell phonograph record player, located in the living room, plays music through two sets of large speakers--one in the living room and one in the library.
Until then, sound had always been separated from the filmstrip on a phonograph record to be played along with the picture.
She boarded the repatriation ship with several spare underclothes and a phonograph record of a Japanese popular song in a small suitcase.
Those of you who were around in the seventies will remember something called Quadraphonics, an ill-fated attempt to reproduce four discrete signals from a vinyl phonograph record. A few companies tried to use the process to enhance the realism of the listening experience, but too many other engineers were more interested in four-way ping-pong effects, and the fad soon died.