phonograph needle

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a stylus that formerly made sound by following a groove in a phonograph record


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The image of a jazz musician's "broken needle" works simultaneously as a reference to drug use and as a broken phonograph needle.
I suppose you'd also like to know how to change your phonograph needle.
Whether or not the devices actually did what they were said to do, the installation owed less to its sensuous realization than to its idea, which recalled a rich history of oddball phonographic experiments, among them Thomas Alva Edison's crackpot attempts to communicate with the dead and Rainer Maria Rilke's proposal to use a phonograph needle to play the human skull.
The microscope, which works "basically like a phonograph needle," then detects the loop as a bulge on the face of the tile, Seeman explains.
How about the perfect tick - or horrible skid-shriek - of a phonograph needle hitting a record?
Started out in 1959 as a Daehan Phonograph Needle Factory, Cresyn was reincorporated in 1985 as "Shinwoo Audio Co.
The force involved is about a millionth of that applied by a phonograph needle on a record and is small enough not to disturb or damage any surface molecules significantly.
Piezoelectric crystals transform pressure or motion into electricity when they are compressed or vibrated; phonograph needles are one common example.