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machine in which rotating records cause a stylus to vibrate and the vibrations are amplified acoustically or electronically

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The phonograph was now playing a stirring march tune and the Magician unlocked his cabinet and took out the gold bottle containing the Powder of Life.
Between the fireplace and the phonograph table is a stand for newspapers.
Besides the easy chair, the piano bench, and two chairs at the phonograph table, there is one stray chair.
We'll set her talking; and I'll take it down first in Bell's visible Speech; then in broad Romic; and then we'll get her on the phonograph so that you can turn her on as often as you like with the written transcript before you.
Suddenly the cook cried in his phonograph voice: "It wass his own death made him speak so
There were small Rajahs, escorts coughing in the veranda, who came to buy curiosities - such as phonographs and mechanical toys.
He traces the early history of recording music here to Western scholars in the early 1890s, when Edison's phonograph came to Korea.
In her recent book Listening Publics, Kate Lacey makes a compelling claim about the origins of sound recording, proposing that "the phonograph was prefigured" in the literary culture of the nineteenth century.
Awed by the new technology which an American teacher brought into the country in 1901, General remembered the first Edison phonograph being played in his class at a primary school in Ligao town (now city) in Albay province.
It was only after 1898 that mechanical refinements to the phonograph, in addition to the stability of wax cylinders and plastic discs, led to a rapid increase in its popularity.
Preaching on Wax: The Phonograph and the Shaping of Modern African American Religion
Spillers was founded in 1894 by Henry Spiller, at its original location in Queens Arcade, where the shop specialised in the sale of phonographs, wax phonograph cylinders and shellac phonograph discs.
The Edison Standard Phonograph featured a number of castings, including its bedplate, a number of components in the gear box and the rear arm that holds the horn.
However, we have found wax cylinders dating back to 1899, and these are played on a phonograph.