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any written symbol standing for a sound or syllable or morpheme or word

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12) The list of protectable works also includes an expansive list of entrepreneurial works such as performances, phonograms or sound recordings, broadcasts, non-creative photographs, published editions of previously unpublished works, new critical editions of public domain works or technical writings, as well as databases.
This collection explore the ways in which copyright law has responded to and interacted with different technologies, with each chapter following the introduction focusing in turn on technologies associated with photography, telegraphy, radio, film, the phonogram, the photocopier, the tape player, television, and computer programs.
The research, entitled EoACAyA Low Cost Phonogram Device for Screening Foetal Well-being' will be funded by the Grand Challenges Explorations(GCE) grant.
Ahsan Khandoker, Assistant Professor in Biomedical engineering will pursue an innovative global health and development research project, titled "A Low Cost Phonogram Device for Screening Fetal Wellbeing.
Rumphorst (2005), a prominent German professor and the copyright institute's researcher, considers that the rise of the author's rights protection is heavily lobbied and the lobbyists advocating the strengthening of such protection are very powerful and influential (rich) 'players', such as film and phonogram producers, collecting societies and publishers.
Besides, it is not allowed to perform in cultural events without specifying the kind of phonogram used for the event on tickets, posters, advertisements and other media.
The court therefore ruled that "such an act of transmission does not entitle the phonogram producers to the payment of remuneration" since it does not constitute communication to the public.
The National Anti-Corruption Commission will accept only written complaints which should be mailed to 7667 Al-Olaya, Al-Ghadir district, Riyadh 2525-13311, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or faxed to 01/265555 or in the form of a phonogram," he said in an earlier statement.
For example the spelling <C U L8R> (rather than <see you later>), uses <C> and <U> as morphograms, <L> as a phonogram, <R> as a syllabogram, and <8> as 'rhymogram'.
It was soon afterwards that the success of There's Nothing Like This led to his signing to Gilles Peterson's Talkin' Loud label; Omar released a couple of albums for the Phonogram affiliate during 1992/3.
The Indian Phonographic Industry (IPI), the Association of Phonogram Producers, was Established in 1936, and it was Instrumental in finalising the Broadcasting Licence arrangement in India.
Faisal Daudpota from Al Tamimi & Company expands on protecting the rights of authors, performers and phonogram producers in the digital context.
The first such treaty was the International Convention for the Protection of Performers, Producers of Phonogram Recordings and Broadcasting Organizations (Rome Convention).
General Electric, now known as GE, was founded in 1892, by four men including Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, phonogram and moving picture camera.