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Synonyms for phoniness

a show or expression of feelings or beliefs one does not actually hold or possess

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Therefore, any perceived falsehood or phoniness in a business (or by the leader of that business) can undermine the confidence that people have in its products and services.
We are thus encouraged to admire the works' hard-earned illusionism as well as their candid phoniness.
But dozens of previous Hollywood movies make us brace for the moment where the movie shifts from reality to fantasy, from honesty to phoniness.
In the parlor, for instance, the cheap carpeting and, strewn across the sofas, a couple of dingy blankets and a thrift-shop sweater adorned with fake pearls not only appeared lifeless and dull against the exuberant phoniness of the Rmax construction but also seemed somehow even phonier despite being real objects.
Whether mocking the phoniness of polite society or brooding on exile, Norwids poems are perhaps less visionary than the means of conjuring elusive visions in the reader.
Playing a thoroughly unpleasant character, Garner, who also co-produced, somewhat overdoes Laura's initial phoniness and her overriding shrillness.
For me it was the phoniness in her voice that English ears just don't like.
Fonseka is the clearest possible indication of the phoniness of Rajapaksa patriotism.
Davidman's incisive wit, impatience with any hint of phoniness, and passion for social, racial, and gender justice come through loud and clear.
Grace's Caulfield-esque derision seems to reflect Pure X's general attitude towards making music and the importance of authenticity in their music--as if being polished were the ultimate in phoniness.
I knew that Oscar was not only the bravado and phoniness and flamboyant craziness," she said.
A generation of young rebels started popping up in fiction and films--Holden Caulfield, the characters played by Marlon Brando and James Dean--who were fleeing from or revolting against the phoniness of American life and white middle-class adulthood.