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teaching reading by training beginners to associate letters with their sound values

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Speaking during the award ceremony on Wednesday in Calabar, Project Director of ULS, Ms Louise Gittins, said the award was in recognition of the state government's commitment to the jolly phonics project.
Teaching about the relationships between the sounds we make and the ways they are recorded as letters and letter clusters (phonics) is no different.
However, the National Education Union (NEU) does not believe phonics help children learn to read.
Every year, Year 1 pupils are tested on whether they meet the expected standard in phonics decoding - and now data has revealed that six year olds in our area are some of the most unlikely in England to pass on their first try.
The 'Puzzle Piece Phonics' set of books from Corwin provide education libraries with in-depth, detailed piece-by-piece approaches to phonics which were developed by three teachers to provide daily lessons for kindergartners through second grade.
This resource helps all students in the first grade develop an understanding of the major phonics concepts, by using puzzle pieces for sounds and spelling patterns.
Publishing news company The Bookseller reported on Monday that according to the terms of the deal signed at London Book Fair, exclusive rights have been granted to FLTRP to publish the Jolly Phonics range in Chinese for the market in China.
Leslie teaches synthetic phonics. A 2005 study(1) found that this is the most effective way of teaching reading and for the roughly 10% of the population who are dyslexic learners(2), any other approach "can be disastrous," Victoria warns.
The "light touch" check would consist of a one-on-one interview between a child and their regular teacher focusing on phonics and an as-yet undeveloped numeracy test.
Featuring a cute and original family farm story by Laura Hudgens that deftly combines the colorful illustrations of Larry Hamby, "A Day at the Berns Family Farm: A Book of Phonics" is an entertaining and educational picture book young readers ages 5 to 9.
The training was launched in connection with pilot study project of Jolly phonics offered by the Phonics Club, free of cost.
In Turkey, the Minishy of National Education (MONE) changed the reading instruction method in elementary schools from whole language approach to phonics emphasis in 2005.
Much research supports the view that phonics instruction is important, as phonics knowledge is considered one of the key predictors of later reading success (Adams, 2001; Ehri & Roberts, 2006).