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Synonyms for phoney

Synonyms for phoney

a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives


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And one of the charges was linked to dozens of pairs of phoney Ugg boots, which should have been made with grade-A sheepskin but were not.
The Raffles Boys have been out of the limelight for a while so the handicapper should be lenient, and given a decent draw and favourable conditions we might just give Old Phoney a run for his money this time.
Mr Blunkett needs to take urgent action against the scandal of the phoney students.
Some of the scarves were also designed to include a pirate copy of the Celtic emblem and a fake goods expert employed by the Glasgow club was drafted in to confirm they were phoneys.
And I think perhaps we can say the same for long-time Ten To Follow leader Phoney Tradesmen.
PRIME Minister Tony Blair's trademark smile has been labelled the 'Phoney Tony' by a body language expert.
More than 101,300 phoney items, with a street value of over pounds 1m were seized over the summer.
Even the Financial Times dismissed his pounds 8billion tax cuts as "phoney precision".
Cardinal Stafford went on to make superbly the point that the local Church--any local Church--will simply get swept away by the phoney freedom of current culture unless it remains loyal to Rome, the guardian and conduit of the freedom of the sons of God.
I DON'T know anybody who can stand the phoney accented Cilla Black.
Michael O'Neal, 23, said: "She's a phoney and she doesn't do anything for the block."
Brigadier Roger Lane, the commander of Britain's forces in Afghanistan, yesterday claimed the arms find refuted MPs criticisms that his troops had been forced to fight a phoney war.