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a specialist in phonetics

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The quality differences are so small that many Norwegian phoneticians prefer to use the same symbol for both variants, and distinguish them only by length when they transcribe speech into IPA.
We can see that although Paul Ariste introduced phonology to Estonia, he remained a phonetician of his time and was totally unwilling to play some logical plays characteristic of phonology.
The phonetician will be asked to decide whether a suspect's voice is the same as that on sample tape-recordings.
"We are currently checking those results against judgments by phoneticians, who are making detailed annotations of the laughter."
Until the upcoming rulers of the soon to be federated republic add Mandarin as the third official language, OFWs can hang on to their dear English with a quaint accent.element-invisibleOpinion ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1As the phonetician Prof.
You do not match colours by the nose, or sounds by the eye." (39) In the contemporaneous On Early English Pronunciation, the phonetician and mathematician Alexander John Ellis described "rhymes to the eye" as a "modern monstrosity." (40) Soon after, in "Rhyme and Reason" (1874), the American literary critic Brander Matthews, who after Hood's death edited his Rules of Rhyme, reiterated Hood's point: "A rhyme 'to the eye' is an impossible absurdity.
The latter aspect of Fisiak's study deserves special appreciation since he showed here remarkable meticulousness and the phonetic analysis with all its subtleties and intricacies was done in the times devoid of present-day devices and computer programs which ostensibly make life of a phonetician much easier.
Scholars at various stages of their career in different departments at the University of Groningen honor their phonetician colleague Vincent J.
Acoustic analyses were done by a trained phonetician using Praat software v5.3.30 [39] running on Windows OS.
The only prominent Croatian phonetician seriously dealing with forensic phonetics is Varosanec-Skaric, who has published several articles on methods and practices in forensic voice identification (14).
Recent writings by forensic linguists continue to emphasise the need for both auditory and acoustic techniques: Michael Jessen, 'The Forensic Phonetician: Forensic Speaker Identification by Experts' in Malcolm Coulthard and Alison Johnson (eds), The Routledge Handbook of Forensic Linguistics (Routledge, 2010) 378; John Olsson, Forensic Linguistics (Continuum, 2nd ed, 2008) 181; Malcolm Coulthard and Alison Johnson, An Introduction to Forensic Linguistics: Language in Evidence (Routledge, 2007) 149.
Bill's pursuit of graduate degrees and parallel work with the Navy provided unique opportunities: With a research grant from the Office of Naval Research Voice Communication Laboratory, he worked with John Black, "a noted experimental phonetician," an experience which started his career as a researcher and received his Master's of Science degree in audiology and psychoacoustics.