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of or relating to speech sounds


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Explore Mode -- Children learn to sound out words phonetically by experimenting with different letter combinations and the sounds they make.
With many characters pronounced differently and spelled differently phonetically depending on a user's geographic region, T9 Text Input's Mohu Pinyin allows users to enter just a few letters of the phonetic spelling of a word as they know it.
Further, it enables Internet users to access a company's Web site even though the company's name is spelled phonetically.
After the user has typed text phonetically, a series of commands converts the text into Kanji characters.
A user types text phonetically, then uses a series of commands to convert the text into Kanji characters.
As an added bonus, the user could enter a guess for the Web site address by spelling it phonetically, the way it sounds, and CyrshSX(TM) would still find the correct Web site.
At first, we thought that maybe he'd just memorised them but he is able to sound out words phonetically as well.
The New Taipei City will feature three slogans in calligraphy that are a play on words with the character (wang), which in Mandarin phonetically imitates the sound of a dog barking, but also means prosperity.
All the anecdotes about her time at The Everyman were delivered in cut-glass Liverpudlian, recounting the ways the staff would help her sound like a local by writing her scripts out phonetically and the hilarity which ensued every time it was announced someone had gone "up The Cracke" for a pint.
That's one of my favorite signs," said Rabbi Michael Strassfeld, pointing out that the English word "floor" is spelled phonetically in Yiddish letters.
The app contains a mixture of tricky words and words that can be spelt phonetically often mixed within one level.
For Spanish speakers who want to learn or teach English phonetics and phonology at universities and teacher training institutes, or wanting to improve their English pronunciation and skills in transcribing English phonetically, this textbook outlines key concepts of English phonetics and phonology.