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a transcription intended to represent each distinct speech sound with a separate symbol

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Taking into account their relatively dissociated distribution of phonetic features, in this section we will use these two accents to exemplify the differences that can be found in the phonetic transcriptions of NWS and BCW.
3rd stage: the review of the phonetic transcriptions, the preparation of the linguistic maps and the mapping of the recorded data in order to systematize, organize and publish the results.
The first entry is the head word (in blue, bold font), followed by a phonetic transcription [in square brackets and red], parts of speech (i.
The first, Phonetic transcription systems deals with the International Phonetic Association's alphabet and the typology of phonetic and phonemic transcriptions.
Turner's use of phonetic transcription enables advanced investigations into, for example, the syllable structure of the West African source languages and cultures and the Gullah names.
Teaching phonetic transcription is also of great help.
The four SPLM winners for the National Assembly are -- the following is phonetic transcription from Arabic language -- 1- Angelo James Splitro, Central Equatoria, Juba West, 2- Atem Garang Deng, Jonglei, Bor, 3- Johnson Jonbiko Kwlang, Lakes State, Yirol West and 4- Waal Deng, Warrap, Gogrial West.
Rather than leave it to the neophyte speaker of Japanese to pronounce the sentence as "Doh-shee-tay na-ee-tay e-mahss-oo kah," De Mente adds his own phonetic transcription to provide more accurate pronunciation: Doh-ssh-tay na-ee-tay e-mahss kah.
This essay argues that an unusual body of discourse, Nushu, a reputedly thousand-year-old phonetic transcription of Jiangyong dialect articulated in a variety of texts sung and chanted by rural women over their needlework on red cloth, handkerchiefs, and fans in a remote area of China, may be an exemplar of discourse with many characteristics of Burke's pure persuasion.
Each context-sensitive rule consists of four parts: the left context, the string to be transcribed, its right context and the phonetic transcription.
The origins of incorrect and variant spellings of binomial names may lie in an array of sources, including original mispronunciation with subsequent incorrect phonetic transcription.
Completing an accurate phonetic transcription of a speaker of African American Vernacular English (AAVE) requires knowledge of the range of phonological features possible and the inherently variable nature of their actual use.
The lack of a scholarly consensus started with a reluctance to separate transliteration from phonetic transcription in dealing with the different dialects and stages of the language represented in the texts; MacKenzie's critique offers clear statements and elegant solutions for many of the problems.
In the case of Southeast Asian languages one is at a loss in this respect so it is extremely helpful if the English phonetic transcription of proper names is supplemented by the insertion of words in original scripts, which has been done, for example, on p.
which had been borrowed from the phonetic transcription.