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a written character used in phonetic transcription of represent a particular speech sound

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Suffice it to say that the phonetic symbols I use here (and in any transliteration) are meant to indicate the spoken vowel sounds that the listener should be able to discern in the context of a sung performance, and not necessarily the vowels a given singer may elect to sing in order to bring this about in every situation.
The phonetic symbol in Table 4 (b) corresponds to the vowel sound in Standard American English bed.
Those unfamiliar with phonetic symbols will need to search out their meaning from footnote 49 on page 84 and from the tables in the chapter on English pronunciation (which of course come after the chapter on Latin is finished), without ever, I think, finding a clear explanation of '[ae:]'.
In six of the seven, the first letter and its doubled letter both equate to the same phonetic symbol.
In this case, the middle phonetic symbol may represent either a single letter or more than one letter, t [integral] 3: t [integral] (church)
If we assume that the letter L represents the sound [l] and the letter E the sound [e], then we are forced to conclude that the phonetic symbols have 'switched places'.
Conversely, the same phonetic symbol can represent different letters or group of letters.
There will be about 30 students in each class, which will involve phonetic symbols, communication and dialogue, reading, and learning by singing, Huang said.
The establishment of an agreed set of phonetic symbols facilitated this, made possible by the invention of soundrecording devices which enabled speech patterns to be analysed at leisure.
To help overcome the challenge of remembering the sound and meaning of each character, different forms of Romanisation, or phonetic symbols, have been developed to provide more direct access to the sounds of new words encountered.
Since there are certain sounds in Owere dialect that have no orthographic representation using the Igbo Standard Orthography, we use the phonetic symbols in presenting all our data.
For events being broadcast live the captions are created with a computer and phonetic symbols which has led to more than a few humorous moments of viewing.
If the English spoken by white America is a pseudo English (as Paul Virilio says it is), perhaps we could say Mandarin is an artificial version of Chinese, regulated partly by indigenized phonetic symbols. I wonder whether anybody has entertained the idea of teaching this or that dialect of Chinese.