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an alphabet of characters intended to represent specific sounds of speech

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Etisalat put the creation of the Happy Alphabet into the hands of every UAE resident by asking them to decide between a choice of words representing each letter of the phonetic alphabet. The result was a new alphabet to celebrate Happiness Day.
On these panels, she has painted fragmented and abstracted Persian letters that correspond to the military's phonetic alphabet, indicated by the titles, such as A as Alpha, V as Victor and Z as Zulu.
Incredibly, you will learn four nautical languages in just one book; from flags to Morse code, the phonetic alphabet and semaphore signs.
In the phonetic alphabet, what word represents the letter P?
Which sport features in the NATO phonetic alphabet? 16.
In fact, no mention or reference to the International Phonetic Alphabet is ever referenced.
4 What word represents the letter N in the Nato phonetic alphabet? 5 Addis Ababa is the capital city of which country?
Instead, the two characters find themselves struggling with the phonetic alphabet, a cleaned-up version of a sketch they performed at live gigs this year.
The Cockney phonetic alphabet designates the letter P for relief, and aren't we all relieved when we go?
The colon was his way of marking long vowels, an idea he probably borrowed from the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Foxtrot," which uses the military phonetic alphabet to spell out "elf." NORAD Tracks Santa also has a new mobile version of its website for smartphones.
Of the many accessories included in the line are black tights silk-screened with phrases from the nato phonetic alphabet: F--FOXTROT; K--KILO; E--ECHO; J--JULIETT; I--INDIA.
It explains and presents exercises related to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA); writing IPA symbols, syllables, and word shapes; the articulatory aspects of phonetics; the production and writing of various types of consonants and vowels; diphthongs; word stress; the dynamics of connected speech; and dialect differences.
BONUS WINNER: MRS M PRATT,SIDCUP, KENT ACROSS DOWN 1 Boast (4) 3 Minor, trivial (6) 7 Woman's singing voice (4) 8 Quantity (6) 10 Graveyard (8) 13 Small part (8) 16 American biscuit often containing chocolate chips (6) 17 Mentor, spiritual leader (4) 18 Place of safety, asylum (6) 19 Net (4) 1 Large twig (6) 2 Season of the year (6) 4 Comic poem (8) 5 Miserable, depressed (4) 6 Dorothy's dog in The Wizard of Oz (4) 9 Moss, legendary F1 driver (8) 11 Water down (6) 12 Sufficient (6) 14 Mark left by a wound (4) 15 Code word for G in the NATO phonetic alphabet (4) SOLUTION to Crossword April 07 ACROSS 1 Budgerigar; 7 Abhor; 8 Basic; 10 Deluge; 11 Snap; 13 Ruth; 14 Bel-Air; 16 Agree; 17 Flint; 18 Headstrong.
In the NATO phonetic alphabet, what word is used for M?