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an alphabet of characters intended to represent specific sounds of speech

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On these panels, she has painted fragmented and abstracted Persian letters that correspond to the military's phonetic alphabet, indicated by the titles, such as A as Alpha, V as Victor and Z as Zulu.
Iain said: "It is basically them trying to remember the phonetic alphabet as they have a test coming up.
It explains and presents exercises related to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA); writing IPA symbols, syllables, and word shapes; the articulatory aspects of phonetics; the production and writing of various types of consonants and vowels; diphthongs; word stress; the dynamics of connected speech; and dialect differences.
BONUS WINNER: MRS M PRATT,SIDCUP, KENT ACROSS DOWN 1 Boast (4) 3 Minor, trivial (6) 7 Woman's singing voice (4) 8 Quantity (6) 10 Graveyard (8) 13 Small part (8) 16 American biscuit often containing chocolate chips (6) 17 Mentor, spiritual leader (4) 18 Place of safety, asylum (6) 19 Net (4) 1 Large twig (6) 2 Season of the year (6) 4 Comic poem (8) 5 Miserable, depressed (4) 6 Dorothy's dog in The Wizard of Oz (4) 9 Moss, legendary F1 driver (8) 11 Water down (6) 12 Sufficient (6) 14 Mark left by a wound (4) 15 Code word for G in the NATO phonetic alphabet (4) SOLUTION to Crossword April 07 ACROSS 1 Budgerigar; 7 Abhor; 8 Basic; 10 Deluge; 11 Snap; 13 Ruth; 14 Bel-Air; 16 Agree; 17 Flint; 18 Headstrong.
In addition, there is a detailed aircraft cutaway, and the pilot's phonetic alphabet, for children to learn with their parents.
40 Bath The horse's name is taken from the letters of the International Civil Aviation Organisation, also called the Nato Phonetic Alphabet or Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, which uses the Irish spelling of whiskey with an 'e' rather than the Scottish version as in the horse's name.
They developed a phonetic alphabet for international aviation use, designed to be as "pronounceable" as possible by flyers and traffic controllers speaking many different languages.
In addition to providing new results on sonorant consonants, the dissertation was the first instrumental study that added to our knowledge of Estonian palatalization (It is the initial, rather than the final part of the consonant that is obligatorily palatalized in an Estonian palatalized consonant--a phonetic characteristic that is inadequately represented by the Uralic Phonetic Alphabet and distorted by the International Phonetic Alphabet).
It is true that there is more material written and printed and read today than ever before," wrote Marshall McLuhan in his influential 1964 book Understanding Media, "but there is also a new electric technology that threatens this ancient technology of literacy built on the phonetic alphabet.
Elise Tan Roberts, who can recite the phonetic alphabet and count to ten in Spanish, has an IQ of 156, making her smarter than ex-Countdown maths whiz Carol Vorderman.
The bubbly youngster can recite the phonetic alphabet and knows the capital of nearly every country.
Elise Tan Roberts, who has an IQ of 156, has become the youngest member of Mensa, and she has shown why, as she recites her phonetic alphabet, almost perfectly, before counting to 10 in Spanish.
In the International Phonetic Alphabet what word comes between Sierra and Uniform?
Every learning technology from the phonetic alphabet to quantum mechanics biases our cognitive range.
On a recent IFR flight, my trainee said to put 'will depart 2Q3 Rwy 34 via the ODP' in the flight plan remarks, and the briefer kept saying that the trainee meant the NDB until the trainee spelled ODP with the phonetic alphabet.