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of or relating to speech sounds


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Zhuyin, also known colloquially as 'Bo Po Mo Fo', is a phonetic system used for remedial Chinese instruction, and a feature distinct to language education in Taiwan.
As a companion to Phonetic Science for Clinical Practice, the workbook helps students practice identifying and writing phonetic consonant symbols and the articulatory phonetics of vowels, and gain a deeper understanding of the difference between broad and narrow phonetic transcription, suprasegmental features of speech, and the interpretation of acoustic spectrograms.
The authors chose to depict short stops and fricatives in phonetic transcription as voiceless.
They used functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging techniques to look at patterns of nerve activity in the brain as these individuals responded to certain speech stimuli, noting how accurately sounds were mapped to their related phonetic representations.
Fortunately, the latest speech analytics software combines attributes of both phonetic and LVCSR solutions.
Speech Learning Model (SLM) predicts that learning of L2 sounds is proportional to phonetic distance between an L2 and the closest Li sound (Flege 1995).
A spelling alphabet (also known as a phonetic alphabet or a telephone alphabet) is a set of words which are used to stand for letters of the alphabet; they're typically used when spelling out words over the telephone or in other noisy or low-bandwidth environments.
An advert declared: "Isaac Pitman will be glad to meet the phonographers of Liverpool for the purpose of conversing on various matters connected with phonetic shorthand.
Speech perception engages at least two linguistic systems: the phonetic system, which extracts discrete sound units from acoustic input, and the phonological system, which combines these units to form individual words.
In this paper we apply essentially the same methodology to analyze the socioeconomic significance of four phonetic characteristics that are useful to define different geographic areas in North American English.
Further, there is evidence that early in development, infants have the capacity to learn the phonetic units of sound for any human language.
At that time BZ was not rendered as "Bravo Zulu," but in each navy's particular phonetic alphabet.
Welsh-speaking children with dyslexia may not be spotted as early as English learning counterparts because of the phonetic nature of Welsh spelling.
The site enhancements represent a major breakthrough in the way search is conducted for online audio, video, text and graphical information by combining phonetic search, optical character recognition, language processing and contextual analysis.
Nexidia has provided advanced phonetic speech and pattern recognition technology to power Avid ScriptSync, a next- generation script-based editing technology for Avid editing systems, used by professional digital content creators in the television and feature film industry.