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the person initiating a telephone call

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Some will even offer to set up a "phoner" (that's PR speak for a telephone briefing).
YOUR reader Mrs Jones of Old Swan (`Who's onLine', ECHO letters,March 4) is not alone in coping with the `phantom phoner'.
And the pains are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud (too many to mention),make your blood-pressure rise in annoyed remembrance (especially The Enquirer who chooses rush hour to investigate the most obscure ways of traversing the country as your own train departs),and occasionally shrink into your seat with toe-curling embarrassment -few of us have never been The Mobile Phoner.
I've been going around calling myself something big--a freelance producer, but it just means I'm an unemployed phoner. Essentially, I just go around making crank calls as my way of not making a living.
When we talked to Cos for this one-on-one phoner last week, he explained why his 'trick-and-treating' career wasn't just a passing fancy-it actually turned his life around and saved his life.
The interview was thankfully a phoner as for the few hours before, nerves were kicking in at the thought of speaking to one of my teenage idols ahead of his Electric Picnic gig next weekend.
The next thing you know, your car will get a puncture," menaced one mystery phoner.
We got Blake's lawyer on the phone as he was driving to wherever Blake was, and that's how we started--with a phoner. We started booking and continued to book during the show."
The tour manager tapped Ortiz to field the phoner from his hotel room in Los Angeles on a tour stop.
It's so not cool to become a frequent phoner. You call him...then he calls you.
"The main way we used NBC correspondents before was to do a phoner and put that in a story as an audio link," he says.
This, we found out during our chat with the 48-year-old actress in a recent phoner to discuss 'The Brave,' the globetrotting dramatic thriller she topbills with Mike Vogel.
Usually a celebrity 'phoner' lasts 10-20 minutes, which is enough to engage the interviewee in a real conversation, but I knew how the interview would proceed when his tour manager answered the phone.
By happy coincidence I was about to do a phoner with Law for a story.
Sharon is a con artist--a "toner phoner.' InternationalSupply Center is not the parent company of our regular toner supplier.