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the study of the sound system of a given language and the analysis and classification of its phonemes

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Stressing scientific approach and methodology, Dr Kamal Khan, asst prof of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University (SBBU), Sheringal, Dir Upper, KPK, threw ample light on current trends and latest developments in the study and research of phonetics and phonemics as an inevitable branch of linguistics.
However, it does so with a difference, going beyond the usual phonemic presentation of those phenomena and illustrating each one with a spectrogram of a BBC news excerpt, thus again, strengthening the link with acoustics.
1993 Labuk-Kinabatangan Kadazan phonemics. In: Michael E.
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In fact, phonemics and prosody play important but different roles in constituting the message of a spoken text.
* Targetted teaching of the phonemics of English (43 sounds) occurs in context as the teacher notices the need e.g.
But in Swinburne's poetry "the value of semantics, phonemics, and rhythm ...
It is also critical for language-dependent SIV systems because they use language-specific phonetics and phonemics to make their SIV decisions.
(14.) The rules are as follows: "(1) the phonetic and phonemic systems that govern the production of meaningful units of sounds; (2) the grammar and syntax that determine which combinations of phonemes constitute acceptable sentences; (3) the pattern of etiquette, privilege, and power that determines the sociolinguistics of which grammatically correct and syntactically well-ordered utterances are permitted to be stated in a given discursive setting that determine which utterances are accorded authority and which despite all their "accuracy" according to the manifold rules of phonetics, phonemics, grammar, syntax, and sociolinguistics, are ignored or perhaps even denied (pp.
The etic/emic distinction derives from the distinction in linguistics between phonemics and phonetics.
1954 A descriptive statement of the phonemics and morphology of Anindilyaugwa, the language of Groote Eylandt, NT, MA thesis, University of Sydney.
Auca phonemics. In Studies in Ecuadorian Indian Language I, Catherine Peeke and Benjamin Elson (eds.), 2-30.