phonemic system

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the system of phonemes recognized in a language

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According to IBM, once the Writing to Read children have learned how to read and write using the phonemic system, they make an easy transition to standard spelling - and in some cases score better on spelling tests than other children.
Most languages that were documented in the early contact period are not spoken or written anymore, and most of those that are spoken and written today were codified when modern phonemic systems became the norm.
Interestingly, the common Arandic IAD (Breen 2000) and the FRM (Roennfeldt 2006) orthographies are very similar phonemic systems. The consonants and consonant clusters (diagraphs) used in these spelling systems are the same except for 'h' and 'tj-ty' (Moore in press), and they use the same set of vowel letters--a, e, i, and u.
Peoples generally enjoy making fun of the way foreigners speak their languages: Much of the entertainment derives from the meeting of different and incongruent phonemic systems.
van Soldt's article presenting a straightforward and valuable explanation of how the Cuneiform syllabary (with its Akkadian values) was adapted to the phonemic systems of a number of different languages; Claude Rilly's article detailing the development of the Meroitic script (deciphered in 1911); van Soldt's second article, on the fascinating techniques that Ugaritic scribes used to "play" with Cuneiform by drawing on their knowledge of the Sumerian and Akkadian values of the graphs; Alex de Voogt's article on the Caroline Islands script and the ways that the goals of linguists may or may not serve the interests of the native users of a script; and Joukje Kolft's article on dance notation, which although lacking a theoretical framework presents inherently fascinating material.