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(linguistics) one of a small set of speech sounds that are distinguished by the speakers of a particular language

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9) On the other hand, although /n/ is a low-frequency phoneme with a limited distribution (it rarely appears at the beginning of a word, and it never appears in syllabic coda), it may be subject to some interesting phonetic processes, such as its depalatalization and its merger with the combination /ni/.
Colvard teamed up with animators, app developers, and teachers to produce unique early literacy edtech software programs that are rooted in the neurobiology of reading, and influenced by the highly effective early-reading methodology of phoneme awareness advocate Dr.
In the above given examples, a listener is not sure which phoneme has been spoken first, whether it is velar stop or sibilant.
Discriminative features selected by SFFS were compared with top three handpicked features for each phoneme.
From this, in order to establish the phonological inventory, the following criteria were used: occurrence from 0 to 39% indicates that the phoneme is not acquired; if the occurrence is between 40% and 79%, the phoneme is partially acquired; and occurrence equal to or higher than 80% indicates that the phoneme is acquired.
The choice of symbol to represent a phoneme in a language operates on a similar principle.
ii) We undertake a similar comparison of different tasks in healthy participants, using mixed lists containing both words and nonwords, as these stimuli have been found to elicit more phoneme recombinations for words in our past research.
On half the latter items, the objective syllable or phoneme is positioned at the beginning of the word, and on the other half, it is at the end.
In the duration modelling process a necessary component of a TTS system, which precedes the module for predicting the duration of a speech segment in a given context, is a module that automatically generates the appropriate feature vector that represents each phoneme in the speech database.
Can you find a phoneme or word with even more spellings?
To what extent did a computer-assisted reciprocal peer tutoring program increase kindergarten students' phoneme segmentation fluency?
phoneme identity tasks, deleting sounds and substituting sounds within words) are referred to as phonemic awareness activities.
The term grammaphoneme will be introduced to describe the set of all orthographic variants that can be used to spell a particular phoneme, and with it will come associated terms, including the term that gives its name to this essay, grammaphonology.
Using vowel, consonant and tone inventories from 504 languages, obtained from an online database, Atkinson evaluated all possible geographic origins of language, from Africa to South America, for signs of progressively declining phoneme frequencies as languages got farther away from a given source.
The consonant system of PSE was first described systematically by comparing the phoneme inventory of BSE and PSE, and then, the differences at inventorial, realizational, incidental and distributional level were discussed.