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a program in which the audience participates by telephone

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I could not believe it when I got a fax from David Sullivan thanking me for the tape and then ranting on about how fed up he was with Blues fans' criticisms on my phone-ins and also in letters to the Birmingham Mail.
An operator is then appointed by MeetingZone who manages the telephone tutorial or interactive phone-in event.
At least that seems to be the general consensus of a phone-in I had the suicidal misfortune of tuning into last week.
On phone-ins and by letter, I have noted many people from the North asking why do they have to go down south to join their vessel?
With a series of scandals regarding both BBC and ITV phone-ins, media watchdog Ofcom has slapped a pounds 95,000 fine on the BBC (December 2008).
There will be music, phone-ins, special guests, live news and weather reports.
Juve supporters were far from impressed with Stankovic's form last season and bombarded websites and phone-ins to protest at the move.
Gameshow Marathon and Saturday Night Takeaway were two of the ITV shows named and shamed this week for misleading viewers over phone-ins and for profiting from them.
It is the latest incident to come to light in the row over phone-ins.
He's discussed it on dozens of talk radio shows, and regularly gets abusive phone-ins from police.
The kind of fans who ring radio phone-ins but don't go to games may want Wenger out but I didn't sense much dissent inside the Emirates towards the manager.
There was a time the Albion left-back of that period would prompt an outpouring of rage and anger from a caller to Midlands' radio phone-ins.
A fascination with late-night radio phone-ins, which crystallised in his mind one evening as he drove home, provided the inspiration for the 59-year-old to write his dark and edgy thriller, 11:59.