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the number is used in calling a particular telephone

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Phone Number ID delivers a batch phone verification product that supports compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), distinguishes phone type and validates phone information in real time.
This half plus still wishes to make calls to others via a DID phone number for business and social reasons.
Then under "who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided," select "friends" or "friends of friends," the report said.
No one should automatically assume his or her phone number is included," Coveney said.
Now it would seem that Google will also offer the ability to make calls to phone numbers from the GMail interface.
Vonage Holdings Corp (NYSE:VG) announced on Friday the grant of a virtual phone number patent.
It used to be that a phone number equaled a physical location.
Proposals must include your name, permanent address, phone number, fax, e-mail address and summer contact information.
Britain's telecom industry regulator, Ofcom, is establishing "056" as a prefix for VoIP phone numbers.
Jot down the credit card issuers' phone numbers to call if you lose die wallet, and keep the photocopy in a safe place.
Melissa Data's search databases can also be used to: 1) locate post offices, 2) display area codes or ZIP codes within a radius, 3) calculate the distance between any two ZIP codes, 4) find Canadian address and phone data, 5) get location information on worldwide place names, 6) find the time zone of a phone number, 7) find out average home values, 7) access U.
Box 1089, Panama City 32402-1089; phone number is 850/747-5341.
Simply plugging the MobileSTICK USB device into a PC or laptop with a fixed line or Wi-Fi broadband connection launches a PC softphone, secured by a SIM card that utilizes the user's existing mobile phone number to make and receive phone calls, SMS messages and multimedia (MMS) messages.
The study also revealed that more than one in four people cannot recall their own phone number.
Anyone who owns a South Africa phone number and who moves out of South Africa or from one location in South Africa to another whether permanently or temporarily, typically experience time-consuming, revenue-draining hassle.