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the telephone wire that connects to the handset

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Aside from the electrical extension wire and cellular phone cord around her neck, scene of the crime operatives (Soco) also found a fatal wound on her forehead.
"We had a meeting to go to, so I told him to get up and he flipped and grabbed the nearest thing to him, which was a phone cord.
One particular poster from a previous year's campaign included a tubular slide with a phone cord going up through it.
Food expert Alton Brown compares the structure of proteins to old-fashioned coiled phone cords. At the beginning of bread making, a gluten molecule is much like a phone cord that's been well-used.
Police said the intruder tied the victim's arms behind her back with a phone cord and asked her for a pen and paper so he could write down her cell phone number.
I have a phone cord dangling out the third floor window so we can continue to take calls.
Two girls receive the same favor in Girls, with red dots covering their breasts, while in Phone Girl a solitary siren crosses her legs around a phone cord. In Bubbles, another Bambi bimbo seems duly excited by her explosive bottle of bubbly.
With the twin communication accessories--a modular phone cord and a pair of acoustic cups--there isn't a phone anywhere that can't somehow be used as an access point.
She said he choked her with the phone cord until she saw white dots and nearly passed out.
When he leaves the room I try to call the police but he comes back, rips the phone cord from the wall, then goes back to the pub.
Then there is the Comrex Hotline--a magic red box the size of a container of corn flakes into which I plug a mircophone (in the front) and a phone cord (in the hack).
After installing the software (handled by a wizard), all the user has to do is plug the phone cord into an available USB port and the phone is ready for use.
I heard a rumor that you got in a fight and she tied you up with a phone cord.
I have a phone cord, and I paid cash for the supplies."
And you may nearly choke on the phone cord when Taylor reveals that - in addition to being a unicyclist, an antique dealer, a successful bicycling coach and a ukulele/banjo/mandolin/lap steel/harmonica/piano and God-knows-what-else player - he used to be a tightrope walker.