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TIME magazine asked some artists to redesign phone booths to give them a new function/purpose once the telephone was removed.
Send your answers on a postcard or sealed-down envelope along with your name, address and daytime telephone number to: Phone Booth Competition, Evening Telegraph, Corporation Street, Coventry CV1 1FP to reach us no later than noon on April 25, 2003
Then Phone Booth was meant to be coming out last November in the States, but then we had the Washington sniper - and there wasn't even a discussion about the movie coming out then.
Because of the peppy filmmaking and high-pressure situation, you can hardly call "Phone Booth" boring.
Noufal, an Indian expat who works in a shop in Dubai's Karama area, added: "My shop is near a phone booth -- I saw only one man using in it in the past year or so.
Our hormones are going crazy at the very thought of it so to coincide with the release of Phone Booth, which also stars Kiefer Sutherland, we have a PlayStation 2 to give away to one lucky reader and five copies of the DVD for the runners-up.
But it's his voice that veteran film-maker Joel Schumacher uses in the controversial small-scale thriller Phone Booth.
Playing a smooth-talking, amoral media consultant, Farrell has the misfortune of answering a call in a pay phone and finding out that the guy on the other end of the line is a deranged sniper who has this particular phone booth in his rifle sights.
The deadly sniper attacks in America have prompted 20th Century Fox to consider postponing the release of thriller Phone Booth starring Ireland's Colin Farrell.
We would dress up so we could earn money for a horse and our tomboy type of life." It was as if they had a secret identity, Sia says, "like Superman: going out and doing a few things and coming back to the phone booth and being ourselves." Before they could model at fashion shows, Shane says, they had to ask male-to-female transsexual friends "how to walk and put on makeup."
NEW YORK Helmer Joel Schumacher looks to be getting the call for Fox 2000's "Phone Booth."
This tendency is most pronounced in Joachim Koester's installation Set-up, 1992, which consisted of two series of projected slides of found photographs collected as they were abandoned by customers in Copenhagen photoshops, a video loop of people coming and going from a phone booth, ambient music, and a wall text that read, "the day was spent in ways we can only imagine." While the work's level of structural difficulty was as complex as that of any other in the show, Set-up's unquestioned voyeurism, even its seeming celebration of surveillance, set it apart.
Proposed doll house-sized model bus shelters, newsstands, and a phone booth are on display in the BID offices as is a scale model of the Grand Central district.
Prisoners at the Rehabilitation and Corrective Centre in Dubai are complaining over the limited number of phone booth and the short period of time given to them to talk with relatives or to communicate with lawyers.
The pounds 25mfilm is being directed by Joel Schumacher, whose previous credits include Phone Booth and Batman Forever.