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a directory containing an alphabetical list of telephone subscribers and their telephone numbers

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According to Aboagye, the piece conveys "how far we've come in communication," with "the juxtaposition of the modern smartphone that can do anything and the phone book as a relic of the past.
He would randomly pick names out of the phone book and then make obscene comments when people picked up.
The residential white-pages listing in the 2013-14 Nashua phone book from FairPoint is less than half the size of the 2012-13 book: 60 pages, compared to 130 pages last year, with the same number of listings, about 480, per page.
The Bolton Town Phone Book, which is produced every two years, offers residential listings as well as a directory of local businesses, along with value-added pages, like the directory of emergency services available for the Bolton community.
Recycling a 3-pound phone book reduces greenhouse gases by the equivalent of 5.
But three years on, the 2011/12 Phone Book, which has been dropping on doormats across Teesside, doesn't mention it at all.
Other sports personalities who will feature on the Phone Book front cover include gymnast Dan Purvis, wheelchair basketball Paralympic bronze medalist, Ade Adepitan, Lee Pearson, the multi-gold medal winning Paralympic equestrian and Lee McConnell, Olympic 4x400m relay runner.
British telecoms company BT today announced the availability of an Android app which makes the BT Phone Book available to mobile users of Android-based handsets.
Lee Pearson CBE, from Staffordshire, will be on the front cover of the city phone book, which will be distributed from next week, to celebrate two years to the start of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
BIRKENHEAD'S LinkDirect has secured a three-year multi-million pound contract with BT to deliver 42m phone books.
Keanu plays a cop hot on the trail of bad guy The Game, and in one scene has to beat him with a phone book to get him to talk.
The collection ranges from the very first phone book - for London - released in 1880 and containing just 248 entries, to those published in the 1980s when more than 47 million phone books were distributed.
Lloyd George, "Dewin Dwyfor' (The Dwyfor Magician) is described in the phone book of 1904 as being a solicitor, living at 179 Trinity Lane.
Toll-free phone book USA; a directory of toll-free telephone numbers for businesses and organizations nationwide, 2006, 10th ed.
So if you pick up a phone book at Ramstein, the phone book looks a lot like the phone book at Randolph (AFB, Texas) or the phone book at Hickam (AFB, Hawaii) or the phone book for the Air Staff.