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the sound made by the vibration of vocal folds modified by the resonance of the vocal tract

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No deterioration in spontaneous speech can be explained by the fact that patients with bilateral vocal cord paralysis have difficulties with respiration, but resonatory and phonatory functions are acceptable.
He accepted nothing less than perfect examinations in clinic; if the exam was at all blurred, or if a revealing phonatory task was neglected, or if the sound was suboptimal, I repeated the examination.
Acoustic- and EGG-parametrisations of Phonatory Quality Provide Voice Profiles of Normal Speakers.
Fiber optic laryngoscopy: A procedure done with a flexible lighted scope which is passed through the mouth or nose to view the larynx, vocal cords, and do biopsies if needed Phonatory aerodynamic test: This is a test done to check the air pressure and vibration during speech with the person speaking into a facial mask and tubing attached to machine.
Each member uses a voice technique called pharyngealization in which the vocal cords are compressed by phonatory blocking.
A surgical plan including repair of the fistula, and reconstruction of the laryngotracheal airway and phonatory apparatus (larynx) was determined.
It includes Cochlear-implant (lots 1-4) : -Prostheses in the middle ear (lots 5-6) : -Bone anchored prostheses (lots 7-9) : -Ossicular prostheses (lots 10-12) : Medical-devices and accessories for ENT surgery and anesthesia (Lot 13 to 41) (piston drains, phonatory prosthesis, macromolecules, silicone sheet, compression device, balloon extractor fitting, ducts nasofibroscope, cannulas, probes, pacing systems , blades, navigation devices, .
36] added that vocal attrition can be described as the 'wear and tear' of the vocal mechanism and the overall reduction in vocal capabilities associated with acute or chronic abuse of the phonatory system.
Phonatory characteristics following surgical treatment of severe polypoid degeneration.
In normal aging, many physiological changes gradually take place in the phonatory system: changes in the larynx, in the respiratory system, in the resonance cavities, and in the organs of articulation as a consequence of deterioration in the muscles, cartilage, articulations, ligaments and laryngeal mucous membrane (Fernandez, Ruba, Marques, & Sarraqueta, 2006; Linville, 2004).
Herbst and the other researchers imitated the elephant's lungs by blowing controlled streams of warm, humid air through the excised larynx while adjusting the elephant vocal folds into a phonatory, or vocal-ready, position.
This structure, which is designed to replace a tracheal segment, must be sufficiently rigid to support the proximal insertion of a neosphincter that opens during respiration and closes during the passage of a food bolus and, at best, would include phonatory capabilities.
They address normal phonatory physiology and acoustics; pathophysiology arising from voice misuse, abuse, or neurological involvement; and morphology; with an emphasis on differential diagnosis.
Topics range from phonatory anatomy and perception of voice to disorders, lesions, vocal fold paralysis, and surgery.
Although sEMG biofeedback appears to hold promise as an applied behavioral technology that can make important contributions to the phonatory health and performance of individuals, further research is required.