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utter speech sounds

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The cooing and chatter of children have profound significance because vocal folds that do not phonate will not develop the trilayered lamina propria with a vocal ligament.
Classification of oropharyngeal view was done according to MMT, wherein the patients were placed in sitting position with mouth fully open and tongue maximally protruded, and patients were asked not to phonate with the examiner sitting in front of the patient in line with the face.
After the test and recording procedures had been explained to patients, they were asked to phonate the target vowels for at least 2 seconds.
The patient is instructed to take a vital capacity breath and then forcefully phonate "eeeee" down to the residual volume.
Once the needle is inside thyroarytenoid muscle LEMG demonstrates motor unit potential, the patient is asked to phonate at this time and change in visual and voice signal due to recruitment confirms placement and botulinum toxin is injected.
Once the process has begun, the granuloma may hold the vocal folds apart; this requires that the patient use more force to phonate, which in turn causes even more trauma.
These methods include air insufflations and auscultation over the epigastric area, aspiration of gastric fluid with assessment of the visual and chemical characteristics of the aspirate, and the ability of the patient to phonate (5-9).
won't phonate properly [in thin configuration/cricothyroid
With a tongue blade on the central portion of the tongue, the patient was asked to phonate in order to tense the oropharyngeal musculature and medialize the tonsils.
Next, the patient was instructed to phonate at high pitch (Figure 2).