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13) One method that has been effective in the author's studio is to have the student stand, inhale comfortably, and phonate on a middle voice pitch on a /v/, /m/, or lip buzz.
The patient is instructed to take a vital capacity breath and then forcefully phonate "eeeee" down to the residual volume.
With a tongue blade on the central portion of the tongue, the patient was asked to phonate in order to tense the oropharyngeal musculature and medialize the tonsils.
These methods include air insufflations and auscultation over the epigastric area, aspiration of gastric fluid with assessment of the visual and chemical characteristics of the aspirate, and the ability of the patient to phonate (5-9).
Without tension, we cannot maintain our posture and alignment, cannot breathe, cannot phonate, cannot articulate language, and cannot communicate dramatically with our audience.
Inhale through a yawn and while holding this position, phonate through a uvular R.
Conversely, if the ribcage is forcibly raised beyond a comfortable, anatomically neutral position, the excess muscular tension required to maintain this posture will also limit one's ability to take a comfortable, full breath and phonate freely.
One simple measurement especially pertinent in URLNP is that of maximum phonation time--that is, the maximum length of time a patient can phonate a vowel (usually /a/) after maximal inspiration.