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a unit of subjective loudness

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"The royal government strongly condemns the act, and regards the abduction of (Lon Phon) as a serious crime.
Sidney Jones, the Asia director of Human Rights Watch, said given the pattern of the state's harassment of opposition party members, the possibility the government was involved in Lon Phon's abduction cannot be ruled out.
"I phoned again and the call-taker said: 'Look, there's a lot of priorities here.' "I said: 'What is a priority?
'Then he again phoned me and told they are beating him up asking me to come at the shop urgently.' The ill-fated father further said that when he reached the Sindhi hotel area of Sindhi hotel and phoned his son for the shop's location, his cell phone was getting switched off and later, the police phoned and informed the family about the incident.
The minister also phoned Pakistan Kabaddi team Manager Rai Masood and congratulated him on winning bronze medal by Pakistan's Kabaddi team in Asian Games 2018.
She therefore phoned a more experienced nurse to come, and remained with me even though her time for ending her shift had passed.
When I phoned the council, they said that the technician had told them he had completed the job.
On Thursday, a woman in her 50s from Brandon, County Durham, was phoned by a man who gave the name "Martin Taylor" and said he was phoning from London.
Joshua Beddows, aged 22, phoned 999 after the blaze broke out in Hawthorn Road, Oscott.
WE read that Kirklees has no money and is cutting services so why when I phoned their pest control department for help and was willing to pay did they refuse to book the job as I did not own the building?
I heard nothing so I phoned them again and was told almost by word what they had previously said.
KABUL (PAN): President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday phoned relatives of those killed and wounded in a suicide attack on the Indian consulate in eastern Nangarhar province.
As the alcohol had worn off they found themselves in pain so dialled 999; * A woman phoned 999 saying she had a bad hand wound and was bleeding badly.
After one GP refused, the production team on the BBC1 show is said to have phoned around other doctors.