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suffering from irrational fears

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My friend is now in her early 60s and is so phobic about dentists that she hasn't been for more than 50 years.
These em ails are offensive either in terms of their racist, homo phobic or sexual content and we will not allow them to infiltrate into offices or stations.
When a patient's phobic response leads to anxious states and possible avoidant behavior, clear thinking is hampered--and that, in turn, leads to errors or no shows.
If you are experiencing homo phobic bullying and want free and confidential support, you can call the Armistead on 0870 990 8996.
Georgina Potts' phobic project ( aimed at helping people who suffer from anthropophobia (a fear of people) enjoy a carefree meal out ( earned her the title of Newcastle Audi Designer of the Year.
Playing Haynes' straight act off Schrader's homosensual and phobic voyeurship might seem fanciful but consider their parallel exploration of banishment and loss of identity.
Contrasting more than one phobic group with healthy controls may lead to the identification of a "core vulnerability" among anxiety patients, maintain the psychiatrists.
The books and the Internet material on flying points that you mention are of great value in helping people conquer their phobic responses.
A FORMER asylum seeker now living in Liverpool told the world he was homo phobic just minutes into his appearance in Big Brother.
I WONDER just how many people who consider themselves Christians have felt a deep sense of shame in the way homo phobic prejudice has been whipped up by supposedly respectable clergy to hound out of office a fellow Anglican whose overriding crime was to be honest ab out a long-standing gay relationship.
The SoHo Alliance, with a long activist experience of successfully protecting the neighborhood against character-altering development, initiated a campaign of misinformation about the proposed center, whipping up a phobic squall of hysteria among residents and business people.
Second, intrapsychic personality dynamics are a central part of every phobic disorder and are not specific or relevant to just certain patients.
GOODBYE and good riddance -yes, we finally got rid of some of the most homo phobic legislation this year.
Meanwhile, less fortunate gays, who were forced to frequent dive bars just to escape crushing ostracism, incurred the wrath of phobic hoodlums and the indignities of police brutality.
In contrast, no relationship was seen between phobic anxiety and nonfatal myocardial infarction, reported Dr.