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a brown form of mica consisting of hydrous silicate of potassium and magnesium and aluminum

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Mineral fillers and extenders include phlogopite mica, platy talc, barytes, and calcium carbonate.
(1995) argued that high U/Pb, low K/U and moderate Ba/Ce support HIMU formation at ocean ridges by metasomatism of small percentage melts that equilibrated with phlogopite, amphibole, and sulfides.
Sarkijarvi contains 158 Mt at 4.4% [P.sub.2O.sub.5] (10% apatite), 65% phlogopite, 14% calcite, 4% dolomite and 5% miscellaneous silicates.
In tephrite and trachybasalt the phenocryst of plagioclase, augite, olivine, pargasite and phlogopite are embedded in the groundmass of plagioclase, Ti-augite, pargasite, phlogopite, apatite, opaque minerals (ilmenite) and devitrified glass (Sawada et al., 1992).
Simple activity relations were used for the clinochlore component in chlorite (Massonne, 1995a) and the phlogopite component in biotite (Massonne, 1995b) by applying Massonne's data set.
It was found that emerald and other green beryls occur within the contact zone between phlogopite schist and intrusive quartz and pegmatite veins.
Phlogopite lamproite, which has less diamond potential, was not present.
The Suzorex line of high-purity, super-delaminated phlogopite mica is said to offer superior performance as a reinforcing additive in polypropylene, improving the flexural modulus, HDT, and dimensional stability of the finished part.
Beds of massive, coarse-grained crystalline limestone, commonly dolomitic and siliceous, are prominent; MacFarlane (1975) found ubiquitous dispersed flakes of phlogopite and graphite in the limestone, along with lesser amounts of apatite, scapolite, tremolite, diopside, forsterite, hornblende and garnet.
A sample from the Baring Granite yielded a U-Pb (zircon) crystallization age of 421.1 [+ or -] 0.8 Ma) and phlogopite from the olivine gabbro unit of the St.
Phlogopite, of an ideal crystallochemical formula [([Mg.sub.3]).sup.VI][([Si.sub.3]Al).sup.IV][O.sub.10][(F,OH).sub.2]K, is a relatively rare mineral occurring in some epizonally metamorphosed limestones, dolomites or marlstones.
Phlogopite deposits at several sites in the vast Aldan Shield, south of the Lena River in northeastern Siberia, Russia, have produced sharp, medium-lustrous, black spinel crystals to many centimeters across, in some cases embedded in tan-white calcite and associated with green diopside crystals; a locality called Gonovskoye, 100 km southeast of the town of Aldan, is especially generous, producing sharp, complex, black spinel crystals, to 25 cm, which display several isometric forms.
Biotite is generally less abundant than amphibole, has Fe/Mg ratio intermediate between phlogopite and annite end members, and overall composition typical of biotite in calc-alkalic plutons (Abdel-Rahinan 1994).
In case of some naturally occuring true micas (polylithionite, tainiolite and celadonite) [Si.sup.4+] practically fills completely the tetrahedral positions, while in the majority of common mica species (muscovite, phlogopite) [Al.sup.3+] replaces [Si.sup.4+] in the ratio 1:3.