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characterized by phlegm


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As Chavez (2009: 8) noted, stereotypical perceptions of German as "a harsh, throaty, or 'phlegmy' language" are abundant and these images are promoted in the mass media and through the TV programs and the movies.
Hardly paintings, these basic word/image presentations have a Chaplinesque charm; their spareness--their witty near-nothingness--cuts through the phlegmy and the lachrymose with the keenness of newly won sobriety.
But his sense of humor, a phlegmy weave of dryness and zaniness, was not gone.
There are ways to respond to the surprising onset of something dreadfully phlegmy during Swan Lake; that's why theaters have lobbies to which one can flee and why the muse Terpsichore * is so often depicted proffering cough drops, or should be.
He said excuse me and turned for another look and puked a phlegmy liquid on her when he saw maggots crawling out of her nostrils and her eye sockets.
In fact, there seems to be a lot of vibrancy and life in Dylan's phlegmy vibrato, so much so that you are rooting that a clean, crisp vocal resemblance of his former self might momentarily break out of his damaged larynx and grab hold of the lyrics, which, of course, never happens.
Although his breathing sounded odd to me (every time he exhaled, I heard this phlegmy rattle), he nonetheless smoked Camel after unfiltered Camel, drawing as much smoke from each puff as humanly possible.
"I can make the Liverpool accent," he revealed before offering a burst of phlegmy Scouse that he's picked up from team-mates Carl Baker and Steven Jennings.
His voice was deep and a little phlegmy from emotion.
He did not mean to whisper, but his throat was beginning to feel constricted and the shout he tried to produce came out wet and phlegmy. There were two men and two women standing in the cockpit--they were tan and attractive in their shorts and bikinis and sun hats.
It's Diana of course, because to the best of our knowledge none of the others have ever excused themselves during a show with the words "you'll 'ave to excuse me, I'm a bit phlegmy today".
He suffers from a shortness of breath and a phlegmy cough.
Clinical symptoms associated with silent aspiration were wet, phlegmy vocal quality, lack of speech, dysarthria of speech (slurring), difficulty controlling secretions (drooling), lack of cough on command, and absence of gag reflex.
Glueskin, a creature with a sticky, phlegmy voice, she is told that her mother is being held hostage in a purgatory-like realm called the Half World.