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surgical incision into a vein

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The Mayo Clinic has been an early leader in applying phlebotomy's strengths to other practices.
Place the phlebotomy chair on a flat surface, or on a raised platform to minimize bending and twisting by the phlebotomist.
Another of the GP providers, Wirral GP Federation - which has 25 other practices as its members - has reassured its patients there'll be no changes to its phlebotomy services.
The Phlebotomy Study enrolled 12 hypogonadal male subjects and dosed subjects with a single oral 225 mg TU dose of TLANDO.
The first question posed to the school administrator at Phlebotomy Career Training was, why would your instructors offer a suture clinic?
To avoid complications, the iron overload is decreased; phlebotomy is the cornerstone in treatment (6).
This condition developed rapidly, within weeks of initiation of treatment, and required intervention with therapeutic phlebotomy.
In addition to aspirin and phlebotomy, cytoreductive therapy is also used to reduce the risk of thrombotic complications for patients with high-risk PV.
Phlebotomy: Worktext and Procedures Manual, 4th Edition
Thirteen patients received preoperative phlebotomy for blood-thinning (extraction of 2-4 units before anesthesia) and autologous blood transfusion immediately postoperatively, and 21 patients received intraoperative allogeneic blood transfusion.
Children often do not understand why they are subjected to needle procedures such as phlebotomy. [2] Little is known about the frequency of these invasive procedures, or about the use of interventions to ease the pain.
We knew that personnel who were not well trained in phlebotomy and laboratory specimen requirements were more likely to obtain specimens that would have to be rejected for a variety of reasons.
Demonstration that specific phlebotomists were strongly associated with increased rates of hyperkalemia prompted a systematic evaluation of phlebotomy practices at the institution.
7SBio will use the proceeds from this financing to complete the development of its Touch Activated Phlebotomy (TAP) platform, which is designed to significantly improve the convenience and efficiency of blood collection.
Pupils from Alston Primary School, Bordesley Green, visited the paediatric phlebotomy department to show that a trip to hospital need not be frightening.