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surgical incision into a vein

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Phlebotomists should perform venipuncture procedures in a clean, well-lit, quiet, and private environment.
The observation that selected phlebotomists consistently displayed increased potassium values in their draws suggested that the degree of deviation in average potassium values could function as a quality-of-service metric reported back to each phlebotomist.
The estimated capacity was calculated as the product of the number of phlebotomists and the time interval (30 minutes), divided by the service time per draw (see Table for definitions).
In both in vitro and in vivo validation studies, including validation on human subjects, the device demonstrated greater than 95% first stick accuracy, and additionally outperformed human phlebotomist controls.
We see her terrorize new phlebotomists all the time.
According to Hogan, the adjustments she and the vendor continued to make didn't involve significant changes to what the phlebotomists would see, rather the intent was largely to standardize the information to keep a sense of congruity to its display.
My sympathy also goes to the phlebotomists who work extremely hard and at times under extreme pressure.
PHLEBOTOMISTS ARE SPECIALIZED CLINICAL SUPPORT workers who draw blood from patients or blood donors for medical testing.
The DHBs' decision had created a great deal of uncertainty among staff and Gallagher asked how DML could continue to provide a maximum service until June 30 next year if its pathologists, scientists and phlebotomists sought employment elsewhere.
Next, independent phlebotomists working under contract to the NIEHS make home visits to draw blood samples, collect household dust samples and toenail clippings, and take blood pressure, weight, height, and body measurements.
Those employees include medical assistants, patient care technicians, phlebotomists, medical lab technicians and clinical lab assistants.
Collection Manager allows our phlebotomists to have greater peace of mind while doing what they do best, which is caring for their patients," said Amy Tipler, Phlebotomy Supervisor at ThedaCare, a Wisconsin-based community health system consisting of four hospitals.
Real-time monitoring equips managers with the information to confirm whether phlebotomists or other specimen collection staff are meeting those scheduled times.
Tenders are invited for Temporary Employment Agency Services For Field Survey Interviewers, Team Leads And Phlebotomists.
The administration has been grossly misled in the facts and decision-making when, in trying to save money, they close the IV department and lay off all the phlebotomists.