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someone who practices phlebotomy

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I actually observed a staff phlebotomist tell a student phlebotomist to fill tubes from the smallest to the largest.
Phlebotomists and nurses have had to work off a wad of pre-printed labels, and details have had to be filled in by hand.
For emergency department (ED) patients who typically have ED techs collect their specimens or nurses draw specimens off IV lines when starting IVs, Catholic Medical Center recently completed a trial in which a laboratory phlebotomist was placed in the ED to measure the impact on specimen integrity and workflow.
With renewed recognition for their skill, the once-marginalized phlebotomist is today's venous-access specialist who not only performs venipunctures and skin punctures but draws blood from vascular access devices (VADs) unassisted.
51), states, "Work benches and tables should be set up in an ergonomic manner for the phlebotomist to function with minimum physical stress." Your employer has a responsibility to provide ergonomic workspace for you.
Participants of the workshop comprising doctors, technicians, phlebotomist and receptionists from Mirpurkhas, Sukkar, Shikarpur, Mithi Tharparkar, Thatta, Karachi and Hyderabad were provided hands-on training in the new software launched for patients services.
Graduates of the Multi-Skill Health Technician program will be prepared for a variety of medical careers, including Phlebotomist, EKG Technician, and Patient Care Technician.
After excluding hemolysis, potassium release from leukocytes, or cell lysis during centrifugation as contributing factors, we considered whether the phenomenon of spuriously increased potassium values might relate to the draw technique used by specific phlebotomists. Analysis of mean potassium values by specific phlebotomists demonstrated a significant effect (P < 0.0001 by 1-way ANOVA) of the phlebotomist performing the draw (data not shown).
Although somewhat variable among phlebotomy locations, the typical workflow at our outpatient draw sites is as follows: (1) the patient arrives, hands in the laboratory requisition form at the check-in desk, enters his or her name and arrival time into a log book, and waits to be called; (2) the phlebotomist enters the providers' orders into the laboratory information system, prints the specimen labels, and places the requisition form and specimen labels into the ready basket; (3) the phlebotomist calls the patient based on arrival time and draws the specimen according to standard venipuncture procedure; and (4) the patient leaves and the phlebotomist sends the specimen(s) to the appropriate laboratory for testing (Figure 1).
In both in vitro and in vivo validation studies, including validation on human subjects, the device demonstrated greater than 95% first stick accuracy, and additionally outperformed human phlebotomist controls.
She has also worked as a phlebotomist supervisor and medical lab technician.
Patient C denied contact with frozen feeder mice or snakes, but was employed as a phlebotomist at the hospital where the two infected patients were hospitalized.
They were joined by phlebotomist Sheila Purnell from University Hospital and two cancer charities, Prostate Cancer UK and the Prostate Cancer Support Association.
The Arrowe Park phlebotomist, 35, said: "I think women should be given the option if in a similar situation to me, my first birth was very traumatic.
A: The phlebotomist scans the patient's ID badge and enters into a system that he is with the patient; or