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inflammation of a vein (usually in the legs)

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During this time he had frequent episodes of phlebitis at peripheral cannula sites.
Phlebitis is an inflammation of a vein, with multiple causes: traumatic (e.
19] The histopathological features of the organs affected by IgG4-related systemic disease are similar, with characteristic findings including dense lymphoplasmacytic inflammation, sclerosis, periductal inflammation, acinar atrophy, inflammatory pseudotumors of the involved organ, and obliterative phlebitis.
b) Retinal phlebitis in the presence of anterior chamber flare
MLO readers should be reminded that the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) states in its venipuncture standard (H3-A6) that alternative sites, such as ankles or lower extremities, must not be used without the permission of physician because of the potential for medical complications including phlebitis, thrombosis, and tissue necrosis.
An ankle ulcer surrounded by pigmented, brown skin is most likely due to venous insufficiency from a prior episode of phlebitis (deep vein thrombosis)," says Dr.
Smallman suffered a broken leg (twice), a dislocated shoulder, tore a hamstring, suffered knee ligament damage and even something called phlebitis of the calf.
In the five years I have worked in my particular ward, there have been many new nursing initiatives, eg phlebitis check lists, Braden score for pressure areas, disability support forms, patient care plans, fluid balance summaries, new glucose meters that take much longer to use (and don't forget the yearly registration to be allowed to use these).
Sunil Sinha; CT colonography-an overview of the scientific evidence that is the basis of the development and use of one of several techniques currently available for the screening/detection of colorectal cancer by Barbara Galen, MS, CRNP; Multiple Sclerosis-featuring the challenges of diagnosing MS with an overview of the differential diagnoses by Joan Ohayan, MS, CRNP; Venous disease-including diagnosis and treatment of venous insufficiency; DVT and phlebitis by Jonathan Calure, M.
The branches are often injected after the primary laser procedure with sclerotherapy, but this typically results in substandard results including pain, tenderness, chemical phlebitis, and hemosiderin staining.
CNS-led teams have contributed to the reduction of falls by 54% and the reduction of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers by 88%, and phlebitis rates have decreased by 67%.
Although the exact mechanism of thrombus formation in sarcoidosis is not yet known, venous stasis secondary to lymph node compression, local tissue thrombophilia in involved organs, and granulomatous phlebitis are potential mechanisms.
Clinically healthy birds that were euthanatized at 14 DPI had myocardial arteritis and renal phlebitis.