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English illustrator of several of Dickens' novels (1815-1882)

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Those who worry about the Derby's status can argue until they are blue in the phizog about what day it should be run, or which tired old media celebs should be yoked together to promote it.
My hungover, under-slept phizog has all too often stared out at me from the morning mirror but this was different.
So phoning requires my left hand to slap across my phizog and hug the phone to my hearing ear.
HE had a pathetic look on his phizog, somewhere between the cornered cat in Shrek 2 and someone tapping you for cash in the street but overdoing the sad tale.
I mean he may not be quite as famous as he once was but his phizog must be known to the majority of the population
The result was an eyes bulging, veins straining, bright red phizog screaming at me from less than 18 inches.
Her most recent cover shot for the Spanish-based magazine netted her pounds 50,000 - and a freckle- free phizog, thanks to the wonders of photo retouching.
There is little point in changing the phizogs in charge if everything else stays the same.