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a drink credited with magical power

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This [unkeyable], this "medicine," this philter, both remedy and poison at the same time [a la fois], already introduces itself, with all its ambivalence, into the body of the discourse.
PHILTER Labs, a vaporization technology company announced it has raised $3 million in growth funding for its patented, five-step filtration process.
The reason that medieval Tristan and Iseult fall madly in love is because they accidentally drink philter, love-potion, or wine of herbs meant for King Mark and his bride to be consumed as an aphrodisiac after their wedding.
In combination with the fatalistic nature of their passion, induced without their knowledge by the philter, the lovers' repeated escapes from condemnation dilute the danger that Marc will discover their liaison.
In 1532, one of the Emperor's councillors, in conversation with John Barlow, the Dean of Westbury, thought that Henry VIII had been seduced into 'this illegitimate love' with his mistress Anne Boleyn by 'philters, charms or otherwise'.
In The Herbal Alchemist's Handbook, an expert combines the twin arts of alchemy and herbalism to create mystical, magickal (her spelling) "philters, elixirs, oils, incense, and formulas for ritual use." This straightforwardly entertaining guide serves equally well as an introduction to these concepts for the uninitiated and a manual for those already inclined.
"From Mental Faculties to Magical Philters: The Entry of Magic into Academic Medical Writings on Lovesickness, 13th-17th Centuries," Eros & Anteros: The Medical Traditions of Love in the Renaissance.
Black superstition was the subject of lucrative exploitation of charms and philters, and cheap pseudo-religious votive ornaments and accessories alike, but it was in the systematic organization of the Numbers Racket that the most relentless and deliberate exploitation took place.