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Synonyms for philosophy

Synonyms for philosophy

a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school

the rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics

any personal belief about how to live or how to deal with a situation

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His followers, and perhaps he himself, having arrived at this elevation, instead of going forwards went backwards from philosophy to psychology, from ideas to numbers.
They were the late birth of the early Greek philosophy, and were the only part of it which has had an uninterrupted hold on the mind of Europe.
On the other hand, the ancient and mediaeval logic retained a continuous influence over it, and a form like that of mathematics was easily impressed upon it; the principle of ancient philosophy which is most apparent in it is scepticism; we must doubt nearly every traditional or received notion, that we may hold fast one or two.
Not very different from Descartes in his relation to ancient philosophy is his successor Spinoza, who lived in the following generation.
Many of the old rags and ribbons which defaced the garment of philosophy have been stripped off, but some of them still adhere.
The philosophy of Berkeley is but the transposition of two words.
A like remark applies to David Hume, of whose philosophy the central principle is the denial of the relation of cause and effect.
Few students of theology or philosophy have sufficiently reflected how quickly the bloom of a philosophy passes away; or how hard it is for one age to understand the writings of another; or how nice a judgment is required of those who are seeking to express the philosophy of one age in the terms of another.
Challenges of philosophy in the institutional relations inside university
Let me first congratulate you on behalf of Nepali scholarly communities on your new elected presidency for the Federation of International Societies of Philosophy (FISP) in Korea this year.
The focus of this paper is to analyse what Hallen refers to as ordinary language philosophy and explain how it authenticates African philosophy as unique 'species' of philosophy.
His use of the jargon and rhetorical style favored in continental philosophy is not, in this reviewer's opinion, excessive.
Since then, feminist philosophers have done work in traditional areas of philosophy such as ethics, the history of philosophy, and metaphysics, as well as in emerging fields such as moral epistemology, lesbian philosophy, and postcolonial philosophy.
Coincidentally, about a year before Carroll came to USC, he met former Trojans tennis player Sean Brawley, one of the few who learned under Gallwey, to further discuss the philosophy.
Bill Beane, built a major league team around the philosophy of what he considers the most important offensive statistic in the game: on-base percentage.