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I doubt, however, that Brentano would regard his philosophical system as complete without his theodicy.
In other words, to Kierkegaard, the individual religions must be accepted with their irrational dimension without the coercion of philosophical system to rationalize them, the very opposite to what Heiberg claims.
And it is possible that occasionally a philosopher produces a correct philosophical system. Clearly this system would not have to be one that produces final answers to all philosophical questions--if it is also discovered that no such final answers are possible, at least not about everything that philosophy investigates.
But in their era both of them were not indifferent to the prevalent philosophical system and started to struggle.
My position is that often science can inform our philosophical views but that doesn't make science per se a philosophical system or a way of life.
It is both a philosophical system, a medicine, and - as the name suggests - a form of yoga.
the role that action theory can play within a large philosophical system" (xxi-ii).
As for her contribution to the philosophical discipline goes, it consists in the philosophical system called Objectivism she developed.
Section two uses the architectonic structure of Kantian philosophy as a heuristic device, explaining Deleuze's philosophical system in terms of aesthetics (theory of sensation), dialectics (theory of Idea), analytics (theory of the concept), ethics (theory of affectivity), and politics (socio-political theory) (xiii).
Kelsen claimed the necessity of purifying the theory of law by any foreign elements pertaining to other socio-humanistic sciences (sociology, politology, philosophy, etc.) but his laborious explanations tend to shape precisely a philosophical system. Moreover, the technique of his reasoning, as well as the numerous references to ethics or religion, reveal the humanistic formation of the author which the latter could not suppress.
This tension between philosophical system and imagination in Kant set the stage for Fichte's and von Hardenberg's epochal change of heart regarding the imagination, explored in chapters four and five.
One cannot adequately study a philosophical system apart from the intellectual context in which it is situated, insists Ariew (philosophy, U.
I remain somewhat skeptical, however, of Gooding-Williams's attempt to read The Souls of Black Folk as a coherent philosophical system. While the formulation of a "politics of expressive self-realization" seems to capture Du Bois's general worldview and romanticist politics, the rigorous scrutiny of such an eclectic, poetic work can at times seem too philosophical.
Non-scientific philosophy, for Hegel, assumes premises that, tacitly or explicitly, fall outside the philosophical system itself, and therefore outside the workings of reason.
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