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In this section, we are trying to review each person's perspective against the philosophical system of their era, by comparing and criticizing their points.
16) And third, one should "develop comparative analyses of the basic ontological theses in individual philosophical systems and their respective hidden assumptions concerning epistemology, metaphysics, etc.
Friedman's political theory was not a tight philosophical system in which he resolved or even seemed to seriously grapple with the possible tensions among the values he cherished.
I remain somewhat skeptical, however, of Gooding-Williams's attempt to read The Souls of Black Folk as a coherent philosophical system.
Not everyone is interested in finding a correct philosophical system or answer.
It is based on the philosophical system Sankhya, and describes a structure of a material world.
The attraction of Enlightenment liberalism, therefore, is the result of a deep emotional need for a philosophical system that enables man to create a reality in a universe he does not understand and thereby to escape from the difficulties of the world by believing that everything will turn out all right in the end.
The sole ultimate test for a philosophical system is logical consistency.
Catholicism this hegemony, within its immigrant ethnic enclaves and universal neo-scholastic philosophical system of knowledge, has slipped away in the post-Vatican II years.
Unlike many other approaches in the discipline, existential psychotherapy relies not on clinically derived and oriented suppositions allied to medicine and natural sciences by instead on a number of seminal ideas and conclusions drawn from a philosophical system known as "existential phenomenology.
This paper will use the philosophical system of the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus to explicate these obscure comments in the Tractatus, the Notebooks 1914-1916, and the Prototractatus.
The complex religious and philosophical system of the Yorubas date back thousands of years and, as a result of diaspora, has become influential throughout the Caribbean, many areas of Latin America and increasingly in North America and Europe.
It is in searching for this moral intention, Goldstein believes, that she betrays Spinoza, who staked his philosophical system on its self-certifying rationality.
The first is that used by al-Kindi who uses the means and methods of mathematics to reconstruct his philosophical system.
These early women officeholders were eventually suppressed by a philosophical system that viewed them as defective males and by a culture that accepted female leadership at home but not in public.
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