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He is a deep believer in a simple religious and philosophical doctrine, yet at the same time he is fascinated with the concept of platonic love.
Derrida eschewed the holding of any philosophical doctrine and instead sought to analyze language in an attempt to provide a radically alternative perspective in which the basic notion of a philosophical thesis is called into question.
As the editors explain, they seek to analyze Confucianism in its historical and comparative aspects, to discuss the mutations of national "Confucianisms" -- in the plural -- rather than to focus on the immutable and uniform qualities of Confucianism in the philosophical doctrine.
41) had roots also in that very Puritanism or evangelicalism that Kaplan treats as antithetical to the philosophical doctrine of innate moral sentiments.
This was traditionally developed into a philosophical doctrine of essences or substantial forms.
Scholars working independently across several disciplines continue to bring to light new indications of the considerable impact of Lucretius's work, both as a poetic model and as a body of philosophical doctrine, in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Italy.
Obedience is what distinguishes Christianity from Gnosticism, a religious and philosophical doctrine stating that it is possible to obtain salvation through the sole avenue of knowledge.
2] Thus religious belief in G od has since early times been locked into an important Greek philosophical doctrine -- metaphysical realism.
They are members of a rapidly-growing school of thought which adheres to that well-known philosophical doctrine known as greed.
Raulet manages to do justice to Marx's philosophical doctrine despite the length of the text; only sixty-four pages.
But sometimes it can be elaborated by believing that the author has a philosophical doctrine or pedagogical focus which makes sense of the text as it stands.
He writes: "I agree with Etienne Gilson's rather negative assessment of the attempts in the Augustinian tradition to find a philosophical doctrine of illumination in Augustine" (p.
Romanian humanists believe that humanism is neither an ideology nor a philosophical doctrine but the natural choice of individuals who take upon themselves the responsibility of living together in a human society.
14] Nevertheless, for a point of view such as Stone's which claims to be non-philosophical, even a slight similarity with an allegedly philosophical doctrine deserves comment.
The work, indeed, questions "the theme of a philosophical doctrine sub specie picturae" and must therefore be contextualized in the opposite direction of the "expansion of the rhetorical and symbolical borders of the literary culture" (276).